ADL, the job intermediation service after professional training

servizio-di-intermediazione accademia del lavoro

Much more than training. Accademia del Lavoro has been dealing with professional training with a high degree of specialization.

Thanks to its range of specific courses in the security, aeronautical, airport and supply chain sectors, today represents a point of reference in the preparation of those who want to acquire the right skills required by the labor market, today more than ever in continuous evolution. Its courses boast constantly updated programs, with tools and teachers of the highest quality.

Database of qualified profiles and pre-selection of personnel: a service that makes the difference

How is the brokerage service at work ? ADL, at the end of the training courses and after the revision of the CV, inserts the qualified and updated profile of its students in a database which companies in the sector can draw on. recruitment phase. In this way, ADL has become over the years a point of reference for companies in the sector looking for qualified personnel.

In this first quarter of 2022, ADL has already received a series of requests for pre-selection of personnel for airport attendants, ramp agents and security guards for airports Linate and Malpensa, Venice, Bologna, Lamezia Terme, Taranto and the cities of Milan, Bari and the Tuscany region. Specifically, the agency works to facilitate the meeting between the two parties with the dual purpose of providing companies with selection tools and services and of giving candidates support for training and for finding a job that reflects skills. and aspirations.

In particular, Accademia del Lavoro He takes care:

  • the planning and delivery of training activities aimed at job placement
  • the reworking of the students' curriculum
  • the preselection and establishment of the relative database;
  • the promotion and management of the match between job supply and demand;
  • of the communications resulting from the recruitments that took place as a result of the intermediation activity;
  • the career guidance service;
  • the establishment and updating of the partnership network with highly qualified companies in the area.

If you want to know in detail the job intermediation service offered by ADL, visit the site e contact the academy: choose yours training courseand and enter the world of work.

Partnerships and awards

To increase the prestige of Accademia del Lavoro it is also the fact that, for his courses in the airport sector, received the IATA recognition, or of the trade association that supports airlines in formulating sector policy on fundamental aviation issues and to operate in a safe, secure, efficient and economic way according to clearly defined rules.

The partnership with numerous selected companies throughout the national territory allows, then, to bring together the supply and demand for work, shortening the times of professional placement.
Another important recognition is that ASNOR, thanks to which Accademia del Lavoro confirms itself not only as an important training institution in the sectors described above, but also as an orientation center, evaluation and career guidance.

Accademia del Lavoro, as a center ASNOR recognized, connects experts in the sector, professionals and companies, in order to provide, in addition to the best professional preparation thanks to the specific courses it organizes, also good practices, tools and methods to ensure quality guidance services.

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