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Pantelleria Airport: the partnership with Accademia del Lavoro and the look towards the future

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Pantelleria is now one of the 12 municipalities selected by "Smarter Italy”, The new program promoted by Ministry of Economic Development in collaboration with the Ministry of University and Research and that for the'Technological innovation and digitization, to become one of the “Villages of the Future”, Where funds will flow for important investments and new growth opportunities.
Here is also one of the airports that remained active during the Coronavirus emergency, to ensure territorial continuity. And it is precisely with this airport that Accademia del Lavoro is opening new routes and is intensifying and raising the level of its activities, becoming an important reference point for professional training in the airport sector with access to the reference labor market.
Despite the difficulty of the airport tourism of this period, we look forward. And it is above all the airport structures that do this, which forge partnerships with entities such as Accademia del Lavoro, with the aim of seeing the new generation of the airport sector trained and included in their organizations. Whether it's internships and / or hires, the watchword is not only training but above all specialization.
In fact, companies in the world of airports are looking for young people with solid preparation and a wealth of skills that are in step with the times.
The future of civil aviation starts right here, from training and Accademia del Lavoro, with its specific courses in this sector, both i courses in the aeronautical sector that the IATA certified paths, it is certified which highly specialized training institution in this area.
The partnership withPantelleria airport for the new internships of the students it is the demonstration that more and more structures choose for the expansion of their staff, young people prepared with the adequate theoretical and practical skills. And the training approach of Accademia del Lavoro it is purely oriented in this direction.

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