Course for airport employee: 16 hires for ADL students

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16 students of the airport stopover attendant course from Accademia del Lavoro, hired with a contract at the airport Veneto in these days.
A great opportunity for young students, coming from all over Italy, who in this way will crown a professional dream pursued with perseverance and commitment.
Just one month after the end of the training course, the 16 students - who have become real professionals after having acquired the necessary knowledge and skills - will play the role for which they have prepared themselves with Accademia del Lavoro, which proves to be an important reference point for the professional training, especially related to the airport sector.
Lorenzo Festi, 27 years old, of Bologna is one of the 16 airport staff, who attended the course and says: "I have known Accademia del Lavoro through Facebook. The training experience was very positive and I was very motivated to study and learn. Seeing the Alitalia environment up close during the week of the classroom course was very interesting and exciting.The quality of the teaching was always high, in all phases and I was able to have an excellent preparation. This milestone represents a very exciting opportunity, a great opportunity, and I will do my best to make the most of it“.
Also Claudia Sanna, 35 years old, of Rome she is one of the 16 who will go to Venice and here is her testimony: "I had already taken a flight attendant course in Spain. When I returned to Italy I did a Google search of what courses could be done in the airport environment and I found the one in Accademia del Lavoro. The experience was really positive: exciting, very formative. I have always felt followed, even during the preparatory phase. And then the week at the academy ofAlitatlia it was very interesting. I was satisfied: this course provided me with the right cultural and professional background that will be useful from now on ".

The experience was very interesting - then tells Luca P.. - a total immersion in the air world in a renowned location and with top-level teachers, who have made it clear what we are going to do in the future. The course, therefore, was very useful to understand what I want to become, to try my hand in this sector with the utmost professionalism ".
And it continues: “Venice was an honestly unexpected but stimulating goal. Working in the third largest airport in Italy, in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is a source of honor and pride for me“.

Who is the airport clerk?

Growing professional figure, theAirport stopover carries out various tasks, all related to air transport activities in the passenger area.
From the ticket office to check-in, from arrivals to lost and found, and then special assistance, the acceptance of passengers with hand luggage, the regularization of excess baggage, checking the availability of flights and much more: these are these only some of the duties and responsibilities associated with the role.

assunzioni addetto scalo aeroportuale 1

The airport stopover course

A training specific, the one offered by Accademia del Lavoro, which initiates all those who have the objective of working at the airport into a professional career. With a specific and technical approach, based on learning by doing, the course provides skills in various topics:

  • Airplane transport
  • Travel documentation
  • Tickets
  • Luggage
  • Passengers
  • Job security
  • Human Factor
  • Customer Care
  • Lost and Found
  • Emergency management
  • Aviation English

Venice airport

Located 13 km from Venice, theVenice-Tessera airport it was inaugurated in 1961 and has become the reference airport in Veneto.

assunzioni addetto scalo aeroportuale accademia del lavoro 2With the airports of Venice and Treviso and with over 1000 weekly connections to national and intercontinental destinations, and with 11,119,183 overall passengers registered in 2015, theVenice airport stands in third place on the podium of the airports most important in Italy, after those of Rome and Milan.


Authorization n. IT-EVO-01-20-001 and IT-EVO-01-20-002
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