A call for 4 chefs in the Perugia hospital

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The news came a few days ago: the hospital company of Perugia has published a competition notice to take on indefinitely four positions as a Chef for his structure. In a period of which many are talking about the employment crisis, that of the catering technical operator continues to be a very popular figure, even for jobs in organizations other than purely tourist ones.

accademia-del-lavoro-bando-per-cuochi The Notice of Competition Cooks for the Perugia Hospital it is a very recent demonstration of this. The call includes a series of requirements for candidates, starting with Italian citizenship or one of the Countries of the European Union, physical fitness for employment, a professional diploma in food and wine studies or an equivalent qualification issued by institutions or Professional Institutes recognized and experience in the sector of at least 5.

Three exams are planned for the competition, which include:

  • A written test, or the development of a theme or a questionnaire of questions with synthetic answers concerning the current legislation in the sector, hygiene, sterilization of equipment and work tools, intolerances,HACCP, food safety, checks on food preservation, packaging and the compliance and disinfection of environments;
  • A practical test consisting in the preparation of dishes for special and normal diets, as well as in the organization of work shifts;
  • Oral exam on the subjects concerning the written exam and on computer skills; the interview will also focus on knowledge of a foreign language.

The application form must be drawn up on plain paper and sent exclusively by PEC, within and no further than 16 August 2016, at the address aosp.perugia@postacert.umbria.it.

The Notice ofPerugia Hospital remember that professional training in the catering sector is very important and is useful for facing all the exams.

Authorization n. IT-EVO-01-20-001 and IT-EVO-01-20-002
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