Finding work: here are the useful tips of companies for 2017

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The most common questions among young people who have completed their studies today are: “How can I find work immediately?”, “Where do I start looking for a job? '” Or “How do you approach an interview? ". Orientation at work is a very delicate issue and a team of experts has collected in a volume the suggestions of the companies on how to find work. Among these, here are some not to be missed.

Some positive data on youth employment

The data for the beginning of 2017 coming from Istat, which announces a youth unemployment in sharp decline (from 39.2% to 37.9%) compared to last year: 30 thousand more employees compared to December, 236 thousand compared to a year ago.

First advice: do not wait for the job, but look for it

It is not the discovery of the year, but certainly a piece of advice that many young people often ignore. It is the companies that say it out loud: don't wait for someone to call, but roll up your sleeves and start with an accurate and above all targeted, attentive and active research.

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The work it must be sought without leaving anything to chance, even having to jump from one job to another, alternating occupations that excite with others that perhaps excite less, but for which one is still efficient or capable. It will be a great gym to acquire skills more and more specific.

Know the company in which you want to work

The knowledge of the company where you would like to work is another important aspect that should not be underestimated. In other words, it is necessary to demonstrate that you have studied the sector, the area in which you work, the brand or the company in short.

Personalize your curriculum vitae

The most common mistake is to think that the curriculum it is not a formal document or that it is simply an attachment to be sent with an email.
Rather, it is necessary to take care of one's CV in an increasingly careful way, personalizing it, writing it or creating it (in the case of the Video curriculum) thinking of the interlocutor, also inserting personal elements and using information related to the uniqueness of one's history, with aptitudes and skills that company will consider.

Training first of all

The main advice of all is that of cure your best training: show up for an interview after having acquired specific skills it certainly represents an extra gear, a preferential lane for those who want to find a job as soon as possible. master's degree and vocational courses, which have specific programs and trained teachers are what a young job seeker needs in order to arrive prepared for that goal that precedes his entry into the professional market.

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