Training courses in Milan? Here is the city where to take care of your preparation

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One of the most coveted cities to heal your own professional training is exactly Milan. The enormous possibilities that the Lombard capital offers have always made it a very popular destination for attending professional training courses in various sectors.

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Accademia del Lavoro it is the organization that is responsible for organizing training courses in Milan and in Rome, which involve various macro areas, specifically:

  • Wellness sector
  • Restaurant sector
  • Professional section
  • Tourism sector


Accademia del Lavoro it gives the opportunity to hang out with some courses in Milan and to put its students in contact with large companies operating in various sectors.


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L'training offer proposal is of a high standard and the teachers of the various courses are all with a proven track record professional experience. The didactic programs are complete and consist of a theoretical and a practical part. At the end of the courses it is possible to follow an internship period at partner companies, with different duration depending on the chosen course. All teaching material is provided by Accademia del Lavoro to the students, who are followed by experts throughout their training course.
Specifically, i training courses in Milan from Accademia del Lavoro I am:

The registered office of Accademia del Lavoro it's at Rome, in via Boezio 4 / C and for any information you can contact the institution at:
Toll-free number: 800 122 270
Tel: +39 06 3280 3442
Fax: +39 06 3280 3283
Do you want to attend a training course in Milan? Choose from the different proposals of Accademia del Lavoro and visit the Facebook page to be updated on the latest news.

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