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  • with TRAINING on THE JOB (TOJ) of 300 hours in Italy or abroad (*)

Obtained in Italy or equivalent

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    • Health and Safety: D.Lgs.81/2008 General and Specific Risk Training
    • Dangerous Goods
    • General Principles and Airport Security Guidelines for Handling Personnel
    • Private Certificate of False Documentary Recognition
    • TOJ or GDS Amadeus certificate, if chosen

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The airport check-in agent

The Airport Operator is a professional figure who carries out various activities, relating to the management of all activities related to air transport within the passenger area: ticket office, check-in, arrivals, lost and found, special assistance. Accademia del Lavoro organizes courses for airport attendant, providing students with a series of knowledge and skills, essential to play this role.
As far as the ticketing is concerned, the airport operator is responsible for issuing and re-issuing tickets, accepting passengers with hand baggage, regularising excess baggage, checking the regularity of travel, issuing new tickets instead of lost ones, checking the availability of flights.
With regard to the check-in sector, the airport operator is responsible for checking travel documents, allocating seats to passengers without a reservation, checking irregularities in operations, such as delays and cancelled flights, the management of embarkation operations.
In the arrivals sector, it provides assistance to incoming passengers and special assistance to the disabled, sick or children, providing information to passengers and airport co-ordinators on any delays in the delivery of luggage, or their loss or damage.
The course organized by the Labour Academy responds to the need to standardize the training provided by the various Member States aimed at the recognition of a qualification at European level as Euro passenger handling agent. In this way, a possibility of professional growth is opened in advance.

Tasks and competences

The airport operator shall be responsible for:

Knowledge of the national and international airport system, the general context of air transport, the organisation and network of international carriers;
Excellent knowledge of IT systems for ticket issuance
Good knowledge of international aviation law
Knowledge of the forms and of the construction of the rates
Excellent communication and public relations
Knowledge of the general rules for determining the validity of the journey
Travel document, for excess baggage, for maximum size and allowance
Knowledge of internal procedures, operation of IT systems
Languages skills
Organisational capacity, autonomy and initiative
Knowledge of safety standards

Career opportunities

The airport operator works within the companies that manage the airports and for companies that provide air transport services, both domestic and international. It can also aspire to take on the highest qualification of Euro passenger handling agent.

To whom the course is addressed

The course is aimed at all those who are interested in this profession, for a maximum of 20 participants per edition.

Course duration

The course includes a home study phase with assignment of preparatory material, live lessons on the e-learning platform with an expert teacher, Health and Safety training: Legislative Decree 81/2008 General and Specific Risk (low) training for handling personnel on platform, Dangerous Goods on platform, study of the online fake document form and an internship in Italy and abroad lasting 300 hours.

Course Information


High school diploma.
Maximum recommended age: 29 years *
(* is the lower requirement than those provided by airlines. Handling companies tend to hire up to 32 years. The requirements of low-cost airlines are less restrictive. The evaluation of the profile for access to the course is remitted to the career guidance counselor based on experience, language skills and any other requirement that can be considered valid for this purpose.)

How to apply

To apply for the course, it is necessary to fill in the information request form on the website, with which the candidate requires to participate in the selection for the course.


The course provides for the indication of accommodation facilities located near the venue of the course and the possibility of obtaining the financing of the registration fee.
Accademia del Lavoro undertakes to disseminate the curricula of students to companies operating in the sector. Participation in the Course does not constitute in any way personnel selection activities.


For the participation in the course, there will be a selection test that includes:
- examination of the CV and motivation letter of the candidate;
- motivational and psycho-aptitude interview with a teaching consultant;
The selection board will communicate the outcome of the selection and admission to the course. Subsequently, the candidate can proceed to the completion and dispatch of the application form.

Application deadline

Registrations will close when the maximum number of participants is reached


Certificates issued
- Private Certificate of Attendance to the Course for Airport Terminal Attendant
- Health and Safety: Legislative Decree 81/2008 General and Specific Risk (low) training for handling personnel
- General Principles and Airport Security Guidelines for Handling Personnel
Private Certificate of False Documentary Recognition
- Dangerous Goods

Training project

Preparatory Phase

Preparatory Material:

  • 3-month English course Gofluent "all you can learn" (alternatively, if you have at least a self-certified B2 level you can opt for one of the following languages: French, Spanish, German, Chinese (Mandarin), Portuguese (Brazilian) and Italian)
  • 12 hours of Videolessons on Introduction to Air Transport + 2 hours live online within 7 days from the start of the classroom phase:
    1. The scenario of industry
    2. Strategic alliances, passenger types and benefits
    3. The Organization of the ports of call: focus on FCO HUB APT, description terminal and organization of the operating agencies
    4. The world and national regulatory bodies

+ 3 weekly online lessons of 4 hours each (total of 12 appointments)
-300 hours INTERNSHIPS in Italy and abroad*-
+ dissemination of professional profile in Italy and/or abroad

(*) The start of the internship phase provides for participation in a selection process at the host structure.

Educational program


The scenario of industry
Strategic alliances, passenger types and benefits
The Organization of the ports of call: focus on FCO HUB APT, description terminal and organization of the operating agencies
The world and national regulatory bodies


Aimed at interaction with foreign customers


The document law of the adult passenger
The document law for minors
UMNR Process
The Timatic
Focus on Italian passport for USA, Russia
Api/ApiPlus Process
Extended procedure

The electronic ticket

Introduction and characteristics
Status reading and analysis
Viewing and reading a ticket
Ticket control and travel documents
Cutting sequences and tariffs
Marketing procedures
Travel facilities for airline employees


Hand luggage and checked baggage
The labels
Special baggage and its handling
Procedures for animal management


Special passengers and related documentation
Disability awareness
Reg.1107/06 and US DOT 382


D.lgs. 81/08: General training on safety at work and at low specific risk


Handling and management of "dangerous goods"


Airport security for handling personnel


The human factor in passenger acceptance and embarkation
Analysis of real human-related errors both in flight and on ground
Consequences and corrective actions
Stress management on days with operational mismatch


Definition of customer relationship
The type of clientele of an airline
The relational management of the different types of customers
The management of verbal and non-verbal communication
The management of the conflict in the relationship with the customer
Operational focus on:

  1. Management of disruptions in air transport
  2. reg. 261/04
  3. the Charter of Passenger Rights

The work of the Lost & Found office, organization and tasks
The entities involved in the management of the baggage disservice
IATA international procedures
The RUSH labels
PP La Baggage ID CHART: "How is it used?"
Exercise on Baggage ID Chart encoding / decoding baggage types
Creation of a PIR AHL / OHD and paper DPR and related analysis of the elements
The reimbursement criteria


Teachers of the course

    His academic training is oriented towards studies in law.
    He was the youngest airport manager of Alitalia, for which he served from 1998 until 2014, holding positions in operations, at the airports of Rome Fiumicino, Florence Peretola, Pisa Galileo Galilei, Catania Fontanarossa, Turin Caselle and Milan Malpensa. .
    From 2014 until June 2017 he held the position of Operations Director for an Italian handling and supervision company, also dealing with personnel research and selection as well as training and quality.
    A great enthusiast of dynamic model aircraft, he is a member of numerous Italian clubs, where he flies both with fixed wing and with rotary wing, with teaching activities for the new generation.
    He is currently involved in training and coaching and has started some projects in the entrepreneurial field.
    He is working on an airport training manual which he expects to finish by the end of the year.
  • Valentina Mariani
    Valentina Mariani

    Graduated in Euro-American Languages and Literatures, she obtained a Master in Specialized Translation and the Certification for the role of Oral Examiner in the context of exams for international language certifications. It collaborates with EBNT, CS EUROPA and ERPAF Lazio. He has experience as a teaching assistant at the Italia Cultural Center in Minneapolis. Editor with CD Cine Dubbing,, C-You Web TV and VOX.

Authorization n. IT-EVO-01-20-001 and IT-EVO-01-20-002
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