Who is the Airport Attendant and what does he do


The airport clerk is a professional figure also defined land hostess or stewart, whose main task is to manage the reception of passengers who arrive at the airport to board. His competences also include aspects related to ticketing, check-in and information desks.

As for his basic training, the airport employee must own a high school graduation, preferably with a linguistic or tourist address. Having followed a course specific, such as the one organized by Accademia del Lavoro, to fill this role, certainly represents a point in favor, since it allows the student, during the course phase to acquire all the necessary theoretical and technical skills, and during the internship phase, to refine the learning, experimenting in the field .

Among the skills to possess there are then:

  • Professionalism
  • Willingness to work at night and on holidays
  • Knowledge of at least two foreign languages
  • Courtesy

The airport check-in agent takes care of welcoming passengers during all stages of embarkation and disembarkation, ascertaining the regularity of documents, providing all updated information on timetables, prices and ticket reservations. It will be important to learn the use of computer systems that automatically manage reservations.

For what concern check in, the airport attendant takes care of the delivery of boarding passes and sorting of baggage, monitors the services front line of each passenger.

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