Fabrizio Zarzana, aspiring private security guard

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Fabrizio Zarzana he is 27 years old, with a diploma as an industrial chief engineer and a passion for all jobs that have to do with safety. A world that for him has meant commitment, dedication and study, for some years now.

This passion led him to attend the training course as an Aspiring Special Sworn Guard from Accademia del Lavoro.
An experience that was truly formative for him: “A serious school, the most serious and formative, which offers qualified, very good and helpful teachers. It was they who conveyed to us the attention and precision that are fundamental characteristics in this work, given the delicacy of the functions assigned to us ".
And he continues: “The training was at 360 degrees, in fact the lessons were both theoretical and practical. And thanks to the training I received, I had the opportunity to get in touch with a very qualified security company. Now I work and I am a Sworn Private Guard and in my future I hope to always be able to give my best and become a resource for my company ".

Authorization n. IT-EVO-01-20-001 and IT-EVO-01-20-002
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