The benefits of rosemary essential oil

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The journey among the essential oils and it is the turn of rosemary oil, widely used among wellness operators, for its multiple properties.
The leaves, twigs and flowers of rosemary they are widely employed in herbal medicine for the preparation of herbal teas, ointments and to obtain a essential oil with a woody and balsamic scent.
The properties of rosemary essential oil they are a lot:
• purifying
• astringents
• cardiotonics
• anti-cellulite
• anti-inflammatory

Purifying properties

L'rosemary oil, taken with a few drops diluted in half a teaspoon of honey, promotes digestion and stimulates the activity of the liver, dissolving the stagnation of the body.

olio essenziale di rosmarino accademia del lavoro 1Astringent properties

The astringent properties ofrosemary oil, which has a tonic, invigorating, antiseptic and purifying action on the skin.
For this reason it is used as a remedy for acne in the form of ointments and creams and for oily hair in the form of shampoo. L'beneficial effect of rosemary oil on the skin it can also be found for those suffering from dandruff or hair loss.

Cardiotonic properties

L'rosemary oil it is an excellent cardiotonic, particularly suitable for those suffering from asthenia, weakness, low blood pressure, tiredness and exhaustion.

olio essenziale di rosmarino accademia del lavoro 3

Anti-cellulite properties

A true beauty elixir, this oil is used a lot to prevent and combat cellulite. Many cosmetic products, such as creams, muds and ointments, are based on rosemary essential oil, precisely because of its localized stimulating action on the circulation, therefore able to promote the drainage of the lymphatic system.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Often therosemary oil is used for his anti-inflammatory properties against edema, swelling, joint pain and is also one of the natural remedies for headaches.

olio essenziale di rosmarino accademia del lavoro 2Aromatherapy: the beneficial effects of rosemary oil

L'rosemary oil it is an excellent energizer and is used especially in periods of high stress to promote concentration and stimulate intellectual activity and in the case of chronic fatigue.
In aromatherapy it is used to improve memory: it could be used to perfume work environments or study rooms, as it is able to relieve nervous tension and anxiety and instills positivity, will and good humor.

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