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The Ground Operations team: the management of ground operations at the airport

Team Ground Operations - Accademia del Lavoro

Every day a large number of passengers pass through the airports around the world and, even if we don't realize it, every movement and every phase of the service is handled by highly specialized figures: we are talking about airport stopover employees.
The Ground Operations team deals with the management of ground operations in airport, promoting the most enjoyable flight experience possible for travelers. The quality of the service offered depends inextricably on the level of professionalism achieved by the operators, the general organization and the cohesion of the team.
Every activities that takes place to the ground, from the baggage handling when rescheduling flights, is monitored by this team of workers who work with extreme professionalism.

Team Ground Operations - Accademia del Lavoro

Main activities of the Ground Operations Team

The main activities that are covered Ground Operations team I am:

  • Drafting of guidelines for the Ground Department manual
  • Support to the administrative department for the stipulation of the contract
  • Support for managing relations with oil companies
  • Management of the lost baggage department
  • Staff training on the World Tracer research platform
  • Dedicated training for all operators involved in airport and secretarial activities.

An inefficient ground team causes the company severe economic losses. For this reason, continuous training and extreme organization are necessary.

Team Ground Operations - Accademia del Lavoro

The professional figure of the Airport Attendant

An integral part of the Team Ground Operations, the professional figure ofCheck-in Agent has had a notable development, thanks to the massive expansion of low cost airlines, with a subsequent increase in demand from the labor market.
We can divide the duties of the airport attendant into three broad categories:

1. Ticket office

It operates the issue and reissue of travel tickets, monitors the compliance of passengers and their hand luggage, checks the regularity of the trip, issues new tickets in case of loss, checks the availability of flights.

2. Arrivals

It manages arriving passengers and special assistance reserved for passengers with mobility difficulties and unaccompanied children.
Lost luggage
Monitor baggage delays and take care of damaged or lost baggage.

3. Check-in

It deals with the control of documents, the assignment of seats, boarding operations, delays or canceled flights.
Skills of the airport operator

Skills of the Team Ground Operations

L'Ground Operations officer, given the professional polyfunctionality, he must have a good one in his wealth of experience general knowledge, excellent interpersonal skills and an excellent knowledge of aeronautics.
In particular, he must have the following skills:

  • In-depth and accurate knowledge of the system and of the Italian and foreign airport regulations
  • Familiarity with the systems for managing and issuing travel tickets
  • Basic forms
  • Communication and relational skills
  • In-depth knowledge of one or preferably several languages
  • Baggage Compliance Regulations.

Ground Operations course by Accademia del Lavoro

Discover the Ground Operations course of Accademia del Lavoro, with Training on The Job of 300 hours in Italy or abroad And Online Training on the booking management system GDS Amadeus.
The course offers study of the introductory material, online lessons on the e-learning platform, 48 hours of lessons in the Rome office lasting 8 hours each and, finally, a Training on the JOB phase.
The Accademia del Lavoro course provides for the issue of number certifications among which:

  • The IATA "Passenger Ground Services" certificate (subject to passing the final exam)
  • The Health and Safety certificate, Legislative Decree 81/2008 General and Specific Risk (low) training for handling personnel
  • The Dangerous Goods certificate
  • The certificate of General Principles and Guidelines on Airport Security for Handling Personnel
  • The certificate. Private Certificate of False Documentary Recognition
  • The certificate The certificate from TOJ or GDS Amadeus.

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