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Beatrice Conci, ADL student, flies to Malta as a Flight Operation Officer


"For those who believe in dreams, one step is enough to reach the stars." Antonio Aschiarolo's phrase has never been so true as for Beatrice Conci, student who attended the Flight Operation Officer Course from Accademia del Lavoro and who now lives in Malta, where she was hired, after a 3-month internship, at the "Air Horizont", the airline company which with its fleet covers various international routes.

intervista beatrice conci accademia del lavoro

A first great success for this promising 21-year-old girl, originally from the island of Elba, in the province of Livorno.
Graduated with excellent marks at theaeronautical technical institute of Florence, Beatrice decided a year ago to perfect her knowledge and to acquire new and more specific skills with the course for Flight Operation Officer of Accademia del Lavoro in Rome. A training course for her proved to be very important, as she says: “Thanks to the excellent skills of the teachers of the course, I was able to deepen the subjects already studied at school and improve my technical knowledge. After a few months from the end of the course, I was informed by the Accademia del Lavoro that it was possible to attend a 3-month internship at the airline “Air Horizont” in Malta. I immediately accepted because I knew it would be an excellent opportunity to move forward and take the path of the aeronautical sector. I have been living in Malta for a few months, I finished the training internship of the airline and I was hired with a fixed-term contract to carry out the role of Flight Operation Officer ".

Great tenacity, enthusiasm and a touch of emotion for Beatrice, whose childhood dream was to become a helicopter pilot. Now he works for an airline like Air Horizont in the guise of Flight Operation Officer, and thanks her family who supported and helped her to embark on this life path, investing in her professional training.

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