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Japan Airlines: the low cost airline for flights from Europe arrives

japan airlines accademia de lavoro

A company aerial low cost for flights exceeding ten hours. The Japanese Japan Airlines (Jal) announces the project that will include the new routes from the Asian continent to Europe, at bargain rates. After the bankruptcy of a few years ago, it seems that the Japanese carrier has recovered and to return to being competitive, as reported by Republic, the idea is to provide a weekly transport service to Europe and also to the United States. It is not yet known what exactly the sections will be covered by Japan Airlines, also because a new company is expected to be created (apparently in July) that can financially support this project, open to other investors.

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The planes that will be used, at least to kick off this so-called "niche" plan, will be two Boeing 787-800s that will have the airport of Tokyo-Narita, the airport located 60 kilometers from the center of the Japanese capital. Even if some doubts have begun to arise among the Japanese analysts, apparently not convinced of the success of this project. This is because they offer customers rates very low, worthy of a low cost flight, but on routes longer than 10 hours, it could be counterproductive for the growth of Japan Airlines. On the other hand, however, it is the Asian carrier that is betting on the ever-increasing growth of visitors to the Japan with the aim of reaching 60 million foreign passengers by 2030 (last year, however, they were 28.77 million).

Japan Airlines low cost project.

This is not the first low cost project for flights intercontinental. For example, the company Norwegian has already launched its own intercontinental routes with the possibility of reaching the United States from Europe at very low prices. Should the project prove successful, the travelers will obviously also benefit from it. Among these also lovers of Japanese culture, aspiring travelers who have always dreamed of a destination like Tokyo but have never managed to realize the dream of visiting it for mainly economic reasons. It is in fact known that today a flight to Asian countries, net of the offers that airlines make available from time to time, is very expensive, especially if you are driven by compulsory holidays and therefore forced to necessarily choose the period of the so-called "high season".

The one of Japan Airlines wants to be a challenge to ensure that the continent in question is also affected by low cost routes, with the aim of increasing users and relations with the Western world more and more.

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