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Working as a land hostess: that's what you need

lavorare come hostess di terra accademia del lavoro

Work as a land hostess today represents an ambition for many young people, not only for the economic gratification that this profession guarantees, but also because it is a stimulating, dynamic job, which puts in contact with the fascinating world of airports.

Working as a land hostess: many opportunities

Among the many opportunities that the work of land hostess or stewart assures, there is the possibility of travel constantly, to know new cultures, to relate to professionals from all over the world, bearers of different cultures and traditions.

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What it takes to work as a ground hostess or stewart at the airport

There are many skills that this profession requires:

  1. First of all, a certain ability to adapt to flexible schedules distributed over several shifts, in addition to flexibility intended as the possibility of moving continuously from one airport to another. This is the beauty of a dynamic profession and only those who really have it in their hearts can accept a life made up of constant movements - a very exciting aspect for those who love to travel and have a wanderer disposition.
  2.  The hostesses and land stewards must also take care of comfort and all those practices and problems inherent to the passenger travel: tickets, lost luggage, boarding procedures are practices that require a lot of patience, precision and an always friendly and helpful attitude towards people: no small thing.
    Therefore, in addition to having aesthetic requirements, you must also demonstrate that you are kind, cordial people, always available and with a smile on their lips; you need to be able to respond to travelers' requests and above all to always know how to convey serenity to them.

The physical requirements to work as a hostess and land steward

There are physical requirements to be aware of when meaning work as a hostess and land stewart and I'm:

  • beautiful presence
  • very neat appearance
  • maximum age not exceeding 29 years
  • no piercings or tattoos visible outside the uniform

Other requirements

The other requirements concern knowledge. In fact, it requires:

  • excellent technical preparation
  • Fluency in English
  • problem solving skills
  • aptitude for team work
  • availability for transfers
  • belonging to the European Community or to non-European countries, as long as in possession of a valid residence permit

The topics to be explored during the training

  • Introduction to aviation
  • Basic and aeronautical English
  • Travel documentation
  • Electronic Ticket
  • The luggage
  • Special passengers
  • Job security
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Airport security
  • Human Factor
  • Customer Care
  • Lost & Found

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