Work for the over 50s: companies open positions and seek experience

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Never think of being "out of time". Also for the over 50 you can find a new one work, thanks to the load of experiences accrued in previous years. To testify it is the sun 24 hours which in an in-depth analysis lists a series of tasks for which many Italian companies require, as a preferential requirement, to be over half a century old. They range from human resources managers to specialized doctors, through IT technicians up to sales managers.

According to what has been learned, there are currently about a thousand ads of this kind published on the various online portals. The interesting fact, it is important to underline it further, is that having passed a certain age, the one that until 20 years ago was closest to pension, is no longer seen as a handicap but as an extra point for the same nominations. In short, an added value. There is something for anyone, on the employment agency page Gi Group, which through the service "Hirevo"Search for specialized profiles. So you have a chance to change job, with a prospect of greater growth but always remaining in their own sphere, or broaden their horizons to other experiences, always strong in the stock of skills gained over time.

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In the 430 listings of this agency there are open positions for experienced sales agents or experts in handmade shoe production. Activity, the latter, for which manual experience is really essential for hiring purposes. And just like this job there are many others.

The agency too Orient reserves 200 positions for over 50, as confirmed by the managing director of the same agency, Giuseppe Biazzo. "According to Istat - underlines the CEO - in the last twelve months there has been an increase of over 300 thousand hires for workers of this age group. Furthermore, for companies that have been recruiting unemployed for at least a year there are discounts of the 50% of the Inps and Inail contributions". In short, words that portend a recovery after a long period of darkness. Beyond Orienta, other realities give today's fifty-year-olds the chance to change their lives. Think of Adecco, which is looking for chief accountants, chemical engineers and area managers, opening up to 150 positions, one third of which in Lombardy.

Many agencies reserve positions for the over 50s.

Then again there is Manpower, which offers 80 open positions between young and old, unemployed and employed, including data scintists, cad designers and It architects. Without forgetting Umana, the “generalist” employment agency that caters to over 50 looking for employment in sectors such as trade, logistics, engineering and services. The president Maria Raffaella Caprioglio, in the interview reported by Sole24Ore, underlined how "a focus on continuous training is essential to face the new approach to work required by digital transformation, and for this reason we support the enhancement of these resources through skills assessment and reskilling processes“.

Especially in manufacturing but in many other realities, experience is that quid pluris that leaves open greater hope in over 50. This is because unfortunately, more and more often, many companies include among their preferences those 4/5 years of skills in young candidates and which, precisely because of the mobility that has characterized the last decade of work, it is increasingly difficult to find. Reason why, sometimes, some companies prefer to rely on people with proven skills. On the websites of the listed agencies you can find all the open positions.

If you are also looking for a job, consult i courses and masters of the Accademia del Lavoro.

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