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The safest low cost airlines: the 2018 ranking

compagnie aeree più sicure accademia del lavoro

As every year Airline Ratings, a leading company in the evaluation of operators in the aviation sector, has drawn up the ranking relating to safer low cost airlines of 2018. Especially in the past, when the first economically more "affordable" carriers were born, many potential customers, probably due to a lack of information about that new way of traveling, were led to think that the single low-cost carrier could save on safety for "Justify" in some way a very low price compared to that proposed by the routes traveled by planes line. It seems clear today that this cannot be the case.

The low cost policy.

The companies low cost, in fact, they have a different policy, which tends to save the customer on the price of the single ticket but, perhaps, does not allow you to board a Baggage of 23 kilos if not against the consideration of a certain surcharge. Same thing if you want to make the check in directly in airport rather than relying on online programs. Again, you may need to put your wallet back.

Or again, in the event that you are faced with the nightmare of every traveler, that is a flight canceled for reasons not attributable to the company, it may happen that the latter does not guarantee theboarding on the first available plane without charging an additional amount.

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On the other hand, there are cases where an airline line (not low cost) ruined the trip for some customers. One of the latest news comes from the United States, and was reported by the newspaper The print. According to what was witnessed, on a flight of the United Airlines from Houston to New York, a couple would have been forced by one of the hostesses to "stow" their dog inside the overhead bin. During the journey, the small four-legged animal would have barked several times, as witnessed by some passengers. It is not known how and for what reason, the fact is that upon arrival at the airport of The guard, the dog was dead. Despair of the owners, and so much anger led to the official complaint about what happened. This was followed by the response from United Airlines which made it known that it had put the flight attendant under investigation as it is not allowed that an animal can travel in the overhead bin. He also refunded the price of the ticket to the passengers and will also pay the costs of the autopsy on the dog.

Safest low cost airlines of 2018.

Below we publish the ranking in alphabetical order drawn up by Airline Ratings of the safer low cost airlines of 2018.

  1. Aer Lingus - Irish company, second largest to Ryanair.
  2. Flybe - British low cost airline. To date, it covers 180 routes to 65 European airports.
  3. Frontier Airlines - American company. It also flies to Mexico and Costa Rica.
  4. HK Express - Chinese company based in Hong Kong. It operates flights to Japan, Korea, Thailand and Taiwan.
  5. Jetblue - American company that also reaches the Caribbean.
  6. Jetstar Australia And Jetstar Asia - Both owned by Qantas, just like the latter, they have never suffered accidents.
  7. Thomas Cook - British company that reaches all continents despite being a low cost.
  8. Virgin America - US company belonging to the Virgin Group.
  9. Vueling - Spanish low cost company also known in Italy.
  10. Westjet - Canadian company, has been in this ranking since 2010.

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