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Not only holistic massage. Here are the new trends

nuove tendenze massaggio olistico


The world of Wellness is constantly evolving, new fashions follow each other incessantly, with the aim of keeping the public interest alive and widening, if possible, the catchment area. Here is a brief rundown of the main trends of the moment.

Wellness Festival

Festivals dedicated to wellness, sports and body care are multiplying throughout Italy. In these events, visitors can try new activities and approach new treatment methods. From Yoga to power stretching, from aqua gym to dynamic holistic massage: the offer is increasingly varied and the ability to attract the public, creating real shows, is always higher. The Wanderlust festivals lead the way, which also integrate live music shows, becoming real international happenings attended by thousands of people.

Spa on the go

In 2015 the phenomenon reached its maturity, spas on board ships and trains and in the most modern airports are now a common presence and no longer in the world. On the latest Costa Cruises flagships there are not only spas ranging from 3000 to 6000 square meters but also a sanctuary for aromatherapy and a temple for meditation. Not to mention the group Yoga sessions on the upper decks or the aerobics classes to work off the gargantuan buffett.

Stress management

When the holistic massage is not enough to dispose of the accumulated tension, it is time to level up. Some spas have integrated lessons with psychologists and life coaches in their programs to teach how to deal with daily stress, going to the causes and studying its dynamics. Lessons that obviously take place in an environment that is up to par, that is relaxing, natural and very meditative.

Energy medicine

Reiki, Tai chi chuan, Yoga, Chi kung, shamanic rites and so on and so forth. Any definition is fine, as long as it conveys exotic sensations and has to do with the non-material side of the human being. They are indeed too serious and profound disciplines to be dealt with in wellness centers, so they easily become just an ape of practices as old as man. But maybe I can be a useful viaticum for those who then decide to follow a good teacher in a serious cultural center.

Indoor surfing

It sounds like science fiction, yet it's happening: surfing is (also) becoming an indoor sport. Around the world there are already 250 specialized centers, with special equipment that reproduce the typical movements of the board on waves of various sizes and shapes. In fact it could be a good way to train in the cold seasons or learn to fly on the waves without taking too much moisture.

Spa for children

In modern life, even children are no longer what they used to be. Today, every good parent makes it a point of honor to continually stimulate their child, enrolling him in courses after courses, summer camps, white weeks and trips abroad to learn foreign languages. Obviously even the poor little ones need a relaxing break from time to time. Hence the Spas for children under 16, places where you can slow down and eat healthily, for a few hours or days, before returning to the sparkling daily life.


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