Professional orientation, training and outplacement: the cornerstones of ADL


Training and not only. Accademia del Lavoro, for years engaged in professional training in the security, supply chain and airport sectors, it is also a recognized center ASNOR.

Asnor - National Association of Orientators promotes a new one orientation culture. Thanks to the support of his Scientific Technical Committee and with the collaboration of Italian university institutions and abroad, it has a network of selected realities, which provide career guidance services.

Asnor, and all of its partners, as well Accademia del Lavoro they are important facilitators of the orientation process, and operate with certain standards of quality of services, giving support to professional training (read the article).

Professional career guidance advice

The choice of the training path most suitable for the individual professional profile is the first step towards the outplacement. Thanks to a specialist career guidance advice completely free offered by Accademia del Lavoro much of the work is already done! By choosing the right training path for you, you are already halfway to your professional goal. But not only. The outplacement process, which sees the collaboration between the training institution and its now large network of partners, recognized companies present throughout the national territory and beyond, includes the following activities:

  • activation and implementation of networking, which offers concrete support in the search for work;
  • analysis of the student's skills
  • reworking of the curriculum vitae
  • job search activities, selection of job offers and sharing of active players in the search and selection market;
  • support in the internship activity and in the eventual effective re-insertion in the world of work from the selection phase to the hiring in the new company
  • assessments, reports and content to help speed up professional outplacement times

Exemption from the registration fee for training courses to encourage outplacement.

In favor of those who choose to undertake a training course to create important and valid opportunities for professional outplacement, ADL has promoted an economic initiative which consists inexemption from the registration fee.
Today it is already possible to benefit from this initiative for the IATA certified Ramp Agent course.
The choice of the first training course the subject of the initiative falls on a sector which in the current historical period offers innumerable professional opportunities in Italy and abroad.
A perfect combination that creates the optimal conditions for the mission of the Accademia del Lavoro.
Discover the course for Ramp Agent.

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