Partnership between Accademia del Lavoro and MVS: high training quality even in internships

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Always the qualifying point oftraining offer from Accademia del Lavoro it is the perfect integration between theoretical preparation and practical experience. Each course or master ends only after an internship period in a company in the sector. An important experience not only to crystallize the knowledge acquired by our students but also as a bridge to the world of work.

It is in this perspective that we are pleased to announce that we have reached a valuable partnership with a leading company in the surveillance sector: MVS (

Operational both in central Italy (with the headquarters in Rimini) and in the South (with the headquarters in Foggia) MVS is a company that boasts a long experience in the safety of people and property, with proven operating methodologies and modern and efficient technological equipment.

The students of our course as an aspiring security guard will therefore have the opportunity to spend 50 hours in the company, learn about the procedures and attend the normal daily activities of the operational staff and the control center.

stage guardia giurata accademia del lavoro jpg

The professional figure of the security guard

This precious opportunity therefore completes a high-level training course, with extremely trained teachers and qualifying practical activities such as practical experience at the shooting range, both with short and long guns, and training in personal defense.

A path that prepares students to become professionals able to face any situation, guaranteeing their company a high level of reliability and customers a fast and efficient service.

Here you can get more information on the particular would-be security guard course.

Authorization n. IT-EVO-01-20-001 and IT-EVO-01-20-002
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