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Supply Chain Management: FERCAM - Logistics & transport is with us to offer you a field experience


The collaborations of Accademia del Lavoro with leading companies in Logistics sector.
The news these days is that too FERCAM joined the network of ADL partners for the completion of internships for i courses dedicated to the Supply Chain global, port and airport.

FERCAM is a nationally and internationally renowned company from Bolzano that offers integrated logistics solutions for the supply chain, making use of an expert and highly specialized team that, in addition to offering dedicated consultancy, creates customized, integrated and timely projects, based on customer needs, optimizing production costs and times and making flows more efficient.
Through a careful analysis of the flows of goods, FERCAM provides an efficient organizational proposal for optimize logistic processes at every stage, from production to the last mile, guaranteeing a series of high quality services and great added value.

FERCAM has developed a broad branch network extending abroad; this will allow our students to carry out an internship useful for work purposes at one of the offices available among the most important business units: Naples, Rome, Prato, Bologna, Milan, Bolzano.
Today FERCAM is one of the main European logistics operators, whose strength lies in the ability to invest and adapt flexibly to the evolving needs of companies, offering cutting-edge Information Technology solutions.
For the students of the courses in the Logistics sector of Accademia del Lavoro, carrying out an internship at a company like Fercam represents an important opportunity to practice all the knowledge acquired during the training phase in the classroom and acquire new skills in the field.
A company, moreover, attentive to sustainability, which is moving in parallel on several complementary fronts such as the revision of the vehicle fleet, the intelligent and rational use of resources and the use of traction and ecological fuels for the environment.

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