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Brian Gomes' shamanic tattoos that draw the soul

"From the forest I receive the strength to work": it is called Brian Gomes and it is a tattoo-artist Brazilian who creates his masterpieces inspired by the tribal symbolism of the Amazon. His art, through tribal designs and sacred forms, is an expression of the shamanic culture.

Among the artist's favorite representations we find that of the forest, the mother house of the shamans, for whom joy and suffering are simply paths of that same forest. Paths in which it can happen to get lost but from which it is also possible to go back: an arduous task of the shamans it is precisely that of looking for lost souls and bringing them back to the right path.

For Brian Gomes, tattoos are the reflection of the soul and the expression of inner beauty.

I dartwork tattoo

He uses an increasingly widespread technique also in Italy, that of Dotwork Tattoo: tattoos composed of very close dots, capable of making an enchanting three-dimensional effect. This practice is used and requested above all to create religious-themed drawings, such as the Mandala, a well-known spiritual symbol that represents the universe.

It is Brian himself, on his social channels, who tells us about the "road of the heart", with reference to the sacred art of the Shipibo people, one of the most ancient populations of the Amazon, as well as the only indigenous group that following the conquest is managed to maintain control on the banks of the great Ucaylli River. Their great spirit of conciliators and the power of their shamans, have made the Shapibo a resistant group and open to confrontation with the outside world.

Finally, water is one of the recurring elements in his representations: with a great esoteric value, it is the source of life, a symbol of the beginning and the end, the principle of regeneration and rebirth.

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