Finding work: training and Personal Branding

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Find work it is the challenge that young people have always been called upon to take up, returning from the end of the training course of compulsory school or the immediately following phase.
A tireless race towards the much desired work place, whose research, however, is often left more to fate or to the first opportunity that happens, than to a real research based on one's aspirations and abilities.
Yet one should start from oneself when one is at looking for a job: Everyone has talents and skills that they often ignore, while they would be a great place to start.

To find work you start with talent

Rather than asking "how can I find a job", the right question to ask is "how can I cultivate my talent?".

trovare lavoro accademia del lavoro 2Too rarely do we ask ourselves what we want to do and are able to do or learn. We are often too intent on what is outside of us, while the first questions we should ask ourselves.
First of all it is good to draw up a questionnaire to understand each other more deeply, learn to know each other, starting to answer these questions:

  • what I like?
  • what are my aspirations?
  • what are my peculiar characteristics?
  • which professions fascinate me?
  • what are my hobbies?
  • what talent do i think i have?
  • which sides of my character are positive and which negative?

The list could grow longer, leading us to have a more precise picture of ourselves.


Once you understand which path to take, when you have a clear idea of the sector towards which you have a greater inclination, only then does the real challenge begin: choosing a path of professional training.
It is not possible to go into trouble by introducing yourself to job interviews and simply showing interest. It is first necessary to acquire skills and technical knowledge that only the best training courses they can provide.

Accademia del Lavoro has identified several professional sectors selected after careful analysis of the job market and has created professionalizing courses and masters for each area of reference, capable of responding to the labor market.

Personal Branding

Valuing yourself professionally is important, especially in a world where work changes quickly and the competition is getting higher. The key to success lies differentiate from the crowd, learning to identify, recognize and have their distinctive characteristics recognized: building their own Personal Brand, bringing out your talent.

Here is a orientation test prepared by Manpower - Accademia del Lavoro partner - who will help you gain greater awareness of your distinctive characteristics.

The Personal Branding test

The test consists of three parts: the first dedicated to oneself, with an invitation to make an assessment of the main skills possessed in relation to those most requested by the labor market, the second dedicated to "others", with an invitation to discuss with friends, colleagues and relatives. In the third part, "Results Aggregation", the scores related to one's own evaluation and that of others are collected, identifying the key competences that should be shown in one's own Personal Brand.

The Curriculum, the first business card

We must not forget the importance of the curriculum vitae (which we talked about previously: how to write a resumehow to find your ideal job). It is important to remember that even today the cv it is an important business card, the first tool to make yourself known in the first place by companies: being concise, complete and interesting can certainly help not to end up in the waste pile on the desk of human resources employees.

trovare lavoro accademia del lavoro

Work interview

The moment in which it goes all out is of course the job interview. After making yourself known through the CV and being selected for an introductory meeting, there will be only you in front of those who will listen to you and will have the task of "judging you" by a few minutes of conversation. Some things not to forget during an interview:

  • be confident and prepared
  • make it clear that you are motivated and enthusiastic
  • try to be confident, but always professional
  • be aware of your own abilities
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