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Even veterinarians to deal with the earthquake emergency

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The other side of the tragedy is called solidarity, a great and extraordinary human feeling, which does not only concern people, but also animals. Why the earthquake of the Marche, like any earthquake, it also involves them, our four-legged friends.
After the rescue and recovery of bodies in the areas hit by the earthquake of the last few weeks, it is now the veterinarians who are lining up to face the emergency.
Destroyed homes and businesses with animals, stray dogs and cats inside, stray dogs and injured animals are the heavy toll that the earthquake left on this front too.
And here, for days, a chain of solidarity has been triggered that sees veterinarians and women as protagonists associations of the sector throughout Italy.

veterinari-per-fronteggiare-il-terremoto-accademia-del-lavoroVeterinary aids were set up in the earthquake areas in collaboration with theVeterinary hospital Didactic University of Camerino University, the regional veterinary services, the Civil protection and theAsur, the Zooprophylactic Institute, as well as the Veterinary Orders. A solidarity machine that is involving all stakeholders, who are working together to stem the damage caused by the catastrophic event to the animal population.
Also there Lav is supporting the State Forestry Corps in the phases of rescue and reception of injured animals.
Vehicles authorized for the transport of animals, specialized operators, veterinarians and volunteers, together to treat, feed and assist animals left without a family, now stray for days, injured, lost and undernourished.
After the first phases in which the priority was to cope with emergencies and first aid, now operations are focusing above all on the accommodation of the animals and, where possible, on reuniting with the families of origin.
There is still a need to recover material, such as pet carriers, bowls, collars, harnesses, leashes, drugs, blankets, kennels, litter, sand, cages, homogenized, which are delivered to the appropriate collection points.
The solidarity machine has set in motion numerous veterinarians, veterinary assistants and ENPA volunteers who, together with the Fire Brigade, have saved more than ten stray dogs in the areas of Amatrice most affected by the earthquake.
The interventions focused both on livestock enterprises, to allow the fastest possible recovery of the economic activities of the cities affected by the tragedy, but also on families who have seen their pets missing, testifying to the fact that there is a strong sensitivity towards issues related to four-legged friends.

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