Accademia del Lavoro is an IATA authorized center (ATC)

IATA stands for International Air Transport Association, which is the trade association of world airlines based in Montreal - Quebec (Canada) and represents about 290 airlines and 82% of total air traffic.

IATA's mission is to represent, lead and serve the aviation industry. In particular, it supports airlines in formulating sector policy on fundamental aviation issues and in operating safely, securely, efficiently and economically according to clearly defined rules. For over 70 years, it has been developing global business standards on which the entire industry is based. Streamline processes to increase passenger comfort by reducing costs and improving efficiency.

In its networking, IATA recognizes that external training institutions present throughout the world are able to provide courses that are recognized and valid at an international level. This recognition takes place thanks to the positive evaluation by IATA of the profiles of the trainers who will be entrusted with the programs established by the association, the teaching methods and the selection criteria of the students who will be trained to take and pass the exam aimed at obtaining the diploma. The certificate thus obtained can be used worldwide at any company operating in the civil aviation sector for the related area of interest.

Accademia del Lavoro accreditation has as its object the courses in the IATA catalog that fall within the following training programs included in the training offer:

  • Ground Operations Course - "Passenger Ground Services" Airport Attendant
  • Course on Terminal and Landside Operations - Ramp Agent "Airport Ramp Services"
  • Quality Auditor in air transport - "Introduction to the Airline Industry"
  • Crew Management - "Air Transport Fundamentals"
  • Air Transport Manager - "Air Transport Fundamentals"

The IATA certificate, combined with the professional certificates included and specific to each of the Training programs, qualifies the profile of the students of the Accademia del Lavoro, distinguishing it from that of other candidates within the world of work.

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