• Nicola di Lorenzo
    Nicola di Lorenzo

    Graduated in Engineering at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, with a strong passion for the aeronautical field, in 2013 he obtained an A-MBA (Aviation Master of Business Administration) at the LUISS Business School in Rome, addressing the industrial specialization in the field of air transport and airport management.

    Currently freelance, he has gained work experience within the Commercial and Marketing Aviation Management for one of the main Italian Airport Management Groups.

    As Aviation Marketing Manager, he was responsible for Marketing and Brand Development activities, managing the implementation of joint research and marketing plans with the carriers operating on the reference airports, with the aim of improving the perception and positioning of services. airports available on the aeronautical and ground fronts, developing their skills in both B2B and B2C key.

    Subsequently Head of the Commercial and Marketing Department of one of the airports managed by the Group, he contributed to increasing the number of operating airlines, and the number of destinations available at the airport, working closely with airlines and key partners in the tourism sector. in order to develop useful synergies to highlight the Airport proposition on the national and international market.

  • Giuseppe Molinaro
    Giuseppe Molinaro

    Graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Roma Tre, for over 10 years
    work in the field of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. He has been busy in the
    years of improved energy performance in civil and industrial realities and carbon calculations
    footprint, both of products and organizations, according to the international standards ISO 14064 and ISO
    EGE certified according to UNI 11339 and CMVP according to the international IPMVP protocol, covers
    today the role of Energy Manager collaborating in the creation of products and services aimed at
    improvement of energy performance of plants and reporting of emissions
    of GHG.

  • Luis Vizzino
    Luis Vizzino

    Lawyer expert in Sports Law and AC Professor at the University of Salerno at the Faculty of Law - Chair of Sports Law.
    He assists athletes, agents and clubs in judicial and extrajudicial proceedings.
    He is a member of the Sports Law Commission of the National Bar Council in Rome, as well as Coordinator of the Italian Sports Lawyers Association for the Basilicata region.
    Lecturer in the legal area - federal papers at the Course for Head of the FIGC Youth Sector - technical sector, he is the author of several scientific publications on legal-sporting matters as well as speaker at many conferences.
    He is legal trustee for Aiac Basilicata.
    Member of the legal office of the Basilicata FIGC, Member of the FiTri National Federal Court.

  • Marco Apicella
    Marco Apicella

    Graduated in Management Engineering at the Federico II University of Naples. He has been working in the civil aviation sector for 15 years and has gained experience in the Procurement and Supply Chain sector at Alitalia.Expert in transport and logistics management of goods with particular focus on air transport. It manages the entire logistics chain from delivery planning to warehouse management up to final transport. Focused on process efficiency and cost optimization.

  • Marco D’onofrio
    Marco D'onofrio

    Sales Manager, with a significant and solid experience acquired in over 20 years of experience, in international environments with renowned tour operators (Club Med) and airlines such as Air One, Alitalia, in the Global Team of the JV Alitalia, DeltaAirlines and Airfrance KLM, has had the opportunity to develop his B2B / B2C knowledge in Sales Development and Key Account Management, Trade & Corporate Relations, Marketing Management.
    A goal-oriented and revenue-oriented professional with a thorough knowledge of the Travel and Aviation Business, accustomed to working in multicultural environments. He has developed the ability to better manage cross-functional teams and multitasking assignments in both the Leisure and Corporate sectors.
    Currently Sales and Marketing Manager of the Air Arabia airline, he studied at the Luiss Business School at the Executive Program in Marketing Management, Marketing and Sales, Marketing and Social Media, subsequently specializing in the following disciplines following certifications on:

    • Holding Your Team Accountable
    • Sales Management
    • Building and managing an High Performing Sales Team
    • Sales Fundamentals
    • Social Media Marketing: Managing on Line Communities
    • Social Media Marketing for Small Business
    • Advanced Training of Effective Negotiation Techniques
  • Nicola Ranaldo
    Nicola Ranaldo

    With more than 20 years of experience in intermodal logistics, especially in container handling, Nicola Ranaldo is a profound connoisseur of the port transport system. His career began as a Junior Yard Planner within the Taranto Container Terminal, a subsidiary of the Evergreen Corporation that managed the Taranto container terminal until 2015.
    After being a Yard Planner for many years, he eventually held the position of Ship Planner. Within the same company he then carried out other tasks as trainer of the operational staff, developer of the TOS TOP-X software in the team created by the company for the pilot project in Taranto, in charge of safety in the workplace. In 2018 he moved to Rotterdam, where he continued his career in logistics at PicNic, a leading company in northern Europe in the distribution of food, diversifying his work training also in large-scale distribution. He returns to Evergreen in 2019, this time as Vessel Planner and Port Captain at the European headquarters of the shipping company. From 2020 he is still in Italy, at the Taranto Port Workers Agency, as a logistic employee. He is passionately dedicated to teaching and training in the logistics sector, exploiting his skills and knowledge of the subjects, deepening them and constantly updating himself.

  • Stefano Natalini
    Stefano Natalini

    Dr. Stefano Natalini was born in Rome in 1965, he graduated in Law and obtained a "post-graduate" Master in Criminological Sciences. He served in the State Police from 1985 to 2019, the year in which he retired in retirement with the rank of Inspector Superior. In the ranks of the State Police he obtained the Specializations of Quick Shooting Instructor, Instructor of Operational Techniques and Specialist in Security Stocks. He also obtained the IEDD and EOD NATO Bombing Specializations from the Italian Army, and the qualification of Level I Instructor for the NBCR Defense. From 2011 to 2014 he served in the Netherlands at the Counter-Terrorism Unit of the European Agency for Law Enforcement (EUROPOL), participating in numerous international investigations. In his brilliant career he was awarded a Solemn Commendation and a Word of Praise for the defusing of dangerous explosive devices. He was also named Cavaliere al Merito of the Italian Republic in 2006 and received honors from the Italian Red Cross and the Civil Protection. He speaks fluently in English (Level C1) and Spanish (Level B2). Dr. Natalini has been ENAC Certified Instructor for Airport Security since 2004.

  • Davide Campagna
    Davide Campagna

    Currently Trainer at Alha Academy begins his adventure of Ground Handling in 1998 at Malpensa as a ramp worker and subsequently Ramp Agent, Weight and Balance, Shift Manager, Ramp Coordinator and Trainer, over time new possibilities open up and therefore takes up the challenge as Deputy Station Manager at various airports in Italy but his true passion is for training both in the classroom and in the field, this leads him to acquire other skills such as Auditor, Training Manager, De-Anti Icing Trainer, DGR Trainer, Station Manager and much more. other than that they will help him develop and better deliver the training sessions. Since 2017 he has been working at Alha group, Handler Cargo leader in the sector which helped him to add to the list the specific part of the goods, Build Up pallet, ULDR, Live Animals Regulations. Always in search of continuous improvement, his teaching material is often updated and improved to meet the needs of the fast times in which we live, he loves technology and a little less social media, and appreciates e-learning courses done with judgment. The thought that best describes it is "there is no better or worse job, there is work done well and that done badly" without necessarily seeking absolute perfection.

  • Silvia Zarroli
    Silvia Zarroli

    Flight Attendant Capocina, Safety Line Checker and Base Supervisor for the Ryanair Airline with 12 years of experience in the Aviation sector deals with Human Resources Management. Analyzes performance, directs, organizes, improves and maintains the unity of the workforce, with discipline, dedication and passion for people, trying to meet the needs of employees in accordance with company procedures. He worked at the Bologna and Rome Ciampino airports and currently manages the staff present or to be employed at the Rome Fiumicino airport. Among the tasks it carries out Quality Control Audits, assesses any training needs and manages career development, sometimes also dealing with relations with the administration, consulting and assistance for relational aspects of individuals, including conflict resolution and organization and role management, mediates between employees and between them and the Company. In order to ensure the development of all resources, it also organizes coordination meetings, draws up weekly reports and business plans on B2C sales budgets. It plays a fundamental role in measuring the performance of workers and their satisfaction, an important premise for achieving company objectives.

  • Flavio Domenichini
    Flavio Domenichini

    Eng. Domenichini has been carrying out aeronautical training for 20 years.
    During the achievement of the research doctorate, he created platforms in which the interests of stakeholders (industry, training, research institutions) interfaced, collaborating with various aeronautical start-ups.
    Founder of Domavio, he is currently an auditor, quality and compliance monitoring manager and safety manager, and carries out specialized training courses as an FTS, EWIS, DGR instructor.

  • Ezio Del Monaco
    Ezio Del Monaco

    He began his airport career in 1988 with Alitalia, covering many tasks related to Ground Operations at the Fiumicino airport: Check-in, Ticket Office, Transit Management, Centering Ramp. Later he held the position of Ramp Area Supervisor. Since 2008 he has been interested in Safety, holding the position of Auditor, and thanks to the thirty years of experience gained in the Ground area he becomes part of the Company's Safety Management System. It carries out Analysis and Investigations of Ground events. It carries out Risk Assessment on airport operational processes, and evaluates changes and new implementations. It manages and coordinates the Ground services for special and high-revenue flights: Charters for club teams, National football team, Ferrari Team, Charters for "Incentives" of imported Italian companies, State and Military Flights. Quality or Compliance Auditor. Activity carried out with the advantage of making use of a long airport experience. He was Co-Founder of the company Artincentive a DMC (Destination Management Company) to promote the incoming in Italy for the MICE tourism segment. Highly motivated and result-oriented to be achieved through perseverance and dedication. Focused on continuous process improvement.

  • Fabio Ceresani
    Fabio Ceresani

    Fabio Ceresani currently works at Alitalia's Operation Control Center after several experiences since 30. Swinging from a private pilot license to MBA in “Business management and strategy” issued by “24ORE Business school”. He also obtained a degree in Sociology by presenting the thesis by: “From ICAO to JAA, to European prospective of the flight dispatcher's profession”. In Alitalia since 1989, and since 1996 flight dispatcher. Since 2007 shift flight dispatch manager in Operational Control Center. Company theoretical instructor licensed by the Italian Aviation Authority (ENAC) Expert in the planning of volcanic contingencies and 2010-2017: AZA focal point for the policy / exercise of volcanic ash. "Dispatch World Summit" held in Chicago by ICAO during March 2001. Speaker at some international Aeronautical weather meeting organized by IBM-WSI: 2014 Barcelona: 2015 Rome: Co-Organizer of 2015 EMEA Meeting 2017 Boston: "Transforming Aviation for a Changing World ". Author of some aviation magazine articles, one of the themes in cooperation with IBM (please see https://www.ibm.com/case-studies/alitalia). During the years invited to participate in some others aviation industry conferences. Safety manager course as for ICAO Annex 19 Member of some steering committees with some internal and external Aviation Authority bodies. Instructor at the Rome based Aeronautics high school since 2015. Chosen by the Academy of Labor Association to transfer course management skills to the student of the air transport sector, in particular: to improve communication skills; check with change management; discover leadership; human factor in air safety (team related and shell model); the evaluation dilemma (how to choose the best candidate).

    Ryanair Airline Regional Manager, with over 20 years of aviation experience, enjoys a successful career in managing multiple international operations and delivering airport performance enhancements. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Commerce of the University of Catania, he then obtained a degree in Strategic Management - Airline Studies at The Nottingham Trent University and the Master's Degree in Aeronautical Economics and Management at the Giustino Fortunato University, where he currently holds the professorship for teaching “Airport Operations and Ground Handling”.
    He began his career in the aeronautical field in 1998 as a stopover for the national airline at the Rome Fiumicino Airport and, subsequently, he moved to the Catania airport where he will take care of the "Gmanagement of airport operations ".
    Currently, he leads the work teams operating throughout Italy, Malta, Greece and Cyprus.
  • Luca Mauro
    Luca Mauro

    Nautical engineer and Yacht designer, he works at CNR INSEAN (the Naval Tank of Rome) where he deals with mechanical and naval CAD / CAE design, reverse engineering and quality control of naval propellers for which he is responsible.
    Specialized in naval hydrodynamics and composite materials technologies applied to the yachting sector, he collaborates with sector magazines, having numerous publications to his credit.
    Active in the scientific dissemination of the activities of CNR INSEAN, both at school and advanced level.

  • Andrea Mancini

    Nautical engineer and specialized technician at Insean Cnr (the Naval Tank of Rome) since 1986 where he deals with the technical and operational management of hydrodynamic experiences on ship models, planing hulls, catamarans, IACC yachts, propellers, etc., as well as the analysis and processing of the related experimental data. On these specific topics, and on related issues, in addition to having numerous scientific publications to his credit, he also carries out an intense teaching and dissemination activity. He is also a freelance journalist and collaborates with various magazines in the naval and nautical sectors for which he writes informative and in-depth articles.

  • Simone Mustacato
    Simone Mustacato

    For over 10 years Senior Flight Dispatcher and Theoretical Knowledge Instructor for the Alitalia airline. Its main tasks include the planning of Long, Short and Medium Range flights, In-Flight Monitoring, Flight Watching and Slot Management. He is in-flight supervisor of planning quality on the main international and intercontinental routes. Over the years he has developed mentoring skills through continuous operational training of personnel and has perfected his work skills thanks to numerous training and technical refresher courses, including the participation of courses at NAT UK in Prestwick. He has also produced and exhibited various presentations at international congresses and participated in the drafting of technical publications, especially for training purposes.


    Passionate about flying with a PPL private pilot license since 1999 he is currently employed as Flight Dispatcher / Flight Dispatcher instructor in Alitalia boasts great experience in flight operations having held over the years roles as operational technician, Occ coordinator, flight operations officer, flight dispatcher and flight dispatcher instructor in various airlines such as Blue Panorama, Airone and Alitalia.

    His academic training is oriented towards studies in law.
    He was the youngest airport manager of Alitalia, for which he served from 1998 until 2014, holding positions in operations, at the airports of Rome Fiumicino, Florence Peretola, Pisa Galileo Galilei, Catania Fontanarossa, Turin Caselle and Milan Malpensa. .
    From 2014 until June 2017 he held the position of Operations Director for an Italian handling and supervision company, also dealing with personnel research and selection as well as training and quality.
    A great enthusiast of dynamic model aircraft, he is a member of numerous Italian clubs, where he flies both with fixed wing and with rotary wing, with teaching activities for the new generation.
    He is currently involved in training and coaching and has started some projects in the entrepreneurial field.
    He is working on an airport training manual which he expects to finish by the end of the year.
  • Andrea Pergola
    Andrea Pergola
    Flight Dispatcher and Theoretical Knowledge Instructor,
    Andrea Pergola has been working for the airline Alitalia for almost 10 years, dealing specifically with Flight Monitoring and Flight Watching. In addition to being responsible for the planning of long and medium-haul flights, he is currently also an instructor for the staff of the Flight Operations area. Thanks to the continuous updating he enjoys following his participation in various highly technical courses provided by Luiss Business School and NAT UK in Prestwick, in addition to participation in projects including IMDiS - Inflight Monitoring Dispatching Sheet, he now has a backgroung in the aviation sector which allowed him to see him as the protagonist of various publications especially concerning training courses.
    He awaits you at the Flight Dispatcher course dealing with Flight Monitoring and Flight Planning, workhorses for his highly qualified profile.
  • Bussi Valter
    Bussi Valter

    He has collaborated as Logistics Manager with various companies and training institutions (Embraco Europe, Aspera spa, ENGIM, etc) dealing with materials management, integrated logistics, based on the company objectives of cost reduction by optimizing the flows of material handling and warehouses linked to them in a Lean perspective.

  • Davide Lega

    After completing his studies at the University of Bologna, he gained professional experience as CFO of Ingeteam SA, GM for Co.ta.bo.Soc.Coop., Junior Controller of the Unipol Group. He deals with training for Adecco, Manpower, Promoimpresa, etc in Logistics, Lean office and Organization of spaces.

  • Alessandro Amadio

    He collaborates with companies in the sectors of Purchasing, Logistics, Spending Review. Author of operational management texts with an analytical approach and operational focus on Integrated Logistics, Supply Chain, implementation models for business improvement projects. He was a member of the Technical Scientific Committee "Tecniche Nuove SPA".

  • Roberto Trenta
    Roberto Trenta

    Head of the Office for Safety at Work, Quality and SOA Confartigianato Imprese Rome.
    He is an expert in safety and prevention in the workplace, a qualified teacher for Workplace Safety Courses and a Consultant for obtaining SOA Certification

  • Roberto Sordo
    Roberto Sordo

    He began studying Martial Arts, specializing in the Hung Gar style with in-depth seminars on combat. He begins his career as an instructor in the Si Fu Riolo school, with the passing of the relative exams and the achievement of the diploma. For years he has been the Technical Manager of the KUAI Italian Military Personal Defense course, adapted to civilian personnel

  • Andrea Bucci
    Andrea Bucci

    SIPRO Sicurezza Professionale Srl: from January 1994 to 2001 I gained experience in all supervisory services. From 2001 to 2014 I dealt with the Operational Service and Personnel with directing roles with particular reference to the selection and training of personnel. I organize and administer in first person, for the matters under my competence (operational part, regulatory part, anti-terrorism and weapons), pre-employment training courses and professional updating for the staff in force. In the last 10 years I have dealt with over 8,000 curricula, I have received over 5,000 candidates for interviews and I have trained over 2,000 applicants. Since 2014 I have held the position of Coordinator of the Operational Service with management duties of all operational staff (500+ GPG). Since December 2015 teacher of "operational module", "regulatory module", "operations center operator" and "anti-terrorism module" for Accademia del Lavoro (www.accademiadellavoro.it) in relation to the Course for Aspiring GPG From 2020 National Technical Director at Security .it Srl (Travis Group) for the operational management of the Central-Southern and Northern Areas.

  • Valentina Mariani
    Valentina Mariani

    Graduated in Euro-American Languages and Literatures, she obtained a Master in Specialized Translation and the Certification for the role of Oral Examiner in the context of exams for international language certifications. It collaborates with EBNT, CS EUROPA and ERPAF Lazio. He has experience as a teaching assistant at the Italia Cultural Center in Minneapolis. Editor with CD Cine Dubbing, Post.it, C-You Web TV and VOX.

Authorization n. IT-EVO-01-20-001 and IT-EVO-01-20-002
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