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The placement indicates the percentage of the hired students in relation to the total number of students who have attended all courses. Many universities calculate in the percentage of hired students even those who do not have a job, but only an internship.

So the data on placement often does not report the number of students who have obtained a real working relationship, but simply those who have been "inserted", with an internship for example. A bit the same difference that exists between the unemployed and the employed: the former do not have a job, the others are engaged in a postgraduate study path or carry out activities in the world of work but without being hired. The criteria change from one university to another.

The placement service Accademia del Lavoro is aimed at promoting the development of employment and improving employability, through activities that help students to enter the world of work.

The placement indicates the percentage of "placed" compared to the total number of students who have attended all the courses.

The job placement service is one of the services offered by the Accademia del Lavoro to support students with regards to their orientation when leaving the training course, to facilitate the start of the students' professional career.

The placement service offers students the opportunity to combine their studies with the professional profiles required by the local, national and international job market .

The service therefore provides the student with concrete help for his insertion into the job market, reducing entry times.

Accademia del Lavoro guarantees to each participant:

  • Placement in internships, where provided by the training, in companies on the national territory. The internship allows to put into practice the competences acquired during the course;

  • CV and video CV update;

  • Disclosure of CV and VIDEO CV to companies in the sector;

  • Job Orientation Meetings, to prepare students to manage job search and to face job interviews;

  • Forwarding information to interested companies on the professional profile of the student; identification of a list of candidates adapted to the needs of companies.

Authorization n. IT-EVO-01-20-001 and IT-EVO-01-20-002
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