Accademia del Lavoro has been operating in the professionalizing formation world for more than 10 years, organizing specific courses in various areas.
Through careful and detailed sector studies, Accademia del Lavoro has identified macro areas, in which the job offer has high percentages and it is there that the interest and activity of our academy is concentrated.
The professional training is the only real investment that gives value to people and companies, Accademia del Lavoro provides highly professionalising training proposals. The areas in which the training offer is proposed each year are: Aeronautics, Security and Professional, with training courses that are updated and renewed every year, to always provide the best training path.
It is a fact recognized that vocational training is becoming increasingly important to access the world of work, increase and diversify its skills and have a very high level of preparation and specialization.
Accademia del Lavoro is today an important point of reference in the world of professional training , which makes the preparation of its students a fundamental objective, its objective is that to reduce to the minimum the times of attended in entering in the world of the job.

Human resources today represent a capital that every company and every work sector cannot do without, a resource to grow and to invest in constantly.
For this reason it is necessary that this resource is ready to make its active contribution to the world of work, which is possible only thanks to training that exceeds the standards, which is precise, punctual, professional, which turns out to be innovative and in step with changes, which combine the learning of important theoretical contents with the indispensable technical-practical skills.
The high quality of the professional courses of Accademia del Lavoro is given by the attention and care of its teaching programs, specifically designed to provide training more complete and specific in each sector involved, and by the level of preparation of the teachers, who follow the students during the training course with availability and respect.
The resulting preparation is professional, that is, able to represent that real knowledge to face the world of work with skills acquired in the classroom and during internships.


Our teaching methodology accompanies the participants in a pragmatic, complete, dynamic and participatory training.

Arrangements for admission

The Courses and Masters are at limited number . Small classes allow us to adopt a very effective interactive teaching method and allows trainers to constantly follow the student on his / her learning path.

The selection process provides:

  • Application for admission
  • Curricula screening
  • Psycho-aptitude tests and motivational interviews

In the next phase, the overall evaluation of the results is carried out taking into account the following factors:

  • Test results (if required)
  • Result of motivational interviews
  • Educational qualification
  • Possible work experience
  • Possible knowledge of foreign languages (if required)
  • Possible portfolio

Preparatory Phase

The preparatory phase consists of a first period of autonomous study, on didactic material provided by Accademia del Lavoro . Each student (for almost all the courses) will have access to a reserved area of the e-Learning platform where you can find all the material in multimedia format. This phase is essential because it allows you to create homogeneous classes useful for improving teaching efficiency and learning.

Classroom Phase

The classroom phase aims to acquire and consolidate technical and thematic skills through teachers, testimonials, role playing simulations, analysis and study of case histories.
The teaching staff is made up of real professionals who work daily in the reference sector of the taught subject. The selection of teachers starts from the assumption that good teachers must make a good theoretical lesson and add value by involving the class by transferring their experience gained in the field.

La Strategia didattica nasce nell’Ufficio Ricerca e sviluppo (R&D). Tutti i nostri percorsi formativi nascono da un’attenta analisi delle esigenze di mercato, individuando le figure professionali più richieste e le caratteristiche che ognuna di esse deve possedere affinché i nostri piani di studi risultino all’avanguardia ed in linea con le necessità di inserimento lavorativo.

Project work e Internship in azienda, sono una parte fondamentale della didattica e del percorso formativo fortemente orientati al “learning by doing”.
La “pratica” risulta di gran lunga il metodo di apprendimento più idoneo all’acquisizione di competenze professionali; gli allievi entrano nel vivo dell’attività che desiderano svolgere nel loro futuro, confrontandosi da subito con l’ambiente di lavoro e le dinamiche che si innescano all’interno, sviluppando quelle competenze immateriali che fanno di un lavoratore comune un professionista del suo settore.

Project Work

After the theoretical teaching activity, students will be able to actively experiment, where expected, what they have learned in the classroom through a concrete experience: the Project work.
Realizing a project work means to carry out an active experimentation of the concepts learned in the classroom and to make contact with the organizational, operational and relational problems of the working environment. Basic steps for the realization of a project work are:

  • identify the theme
  • formulate a specific goal
  • choose a strategy
  • formulate an action plan by planning the income statement
  • formalize the proposal

This tool is part of the " learning by doing " process we have mentioned. At the same time, it is a question of testing and highlighting one's skills in a real context.


The stage activity , planned for almost all of our courses, offers participants the opportunity to put to use and implement with the practical exercise what learned in the classroom.
This experience is significant as it allows a first concrete approach to the profession in a real working context and a first contact with the world of work .
The internship is a period of training that you spend in an office, in a department of a company, in a hotel, to learn the activity or profession that you want to perform.