Let’s reduce the distance between you and the labour market.

Accademia del Lavoro aims to broaden the range of employment possibilities through the creation of specialized courses in the sectors of greatest interest for the labor market.
The guarantee of a easy job insertion is represented by the certainty of having acquired, at the end of the lessons, the knowledge and skills necessary to exercise the chosen profession. All our training courses , in addition to perfectly outlining the varied professional figures to allow the immediate identification of the related work context, are structured in full-immersion during which they are catapulted into the reference reality. The aim is to equip the candidate with the requirements that the dynamic and constantly evolving job market necessarily requires.

Specialization continues to be the conditio sine qua non to cover any professional figure. "Know-how", and not simply "knowledge", distinguishes that professional profile that has received practical training. Consequently, the internship period, foreseen by almost all of our courses, qualifies as professional experience, while remaining as part of a course or master.
The training provided by industry experts and the testimony of professionals with proven experience in the field, will guide an excellent preparation and future insertion, reintegration and professional growth.

Authorization n. IT-EVO-01-20-001 and IT-EVO-01-20-002
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