Advanced training course for Airline Revenue Manager

MINIMUM PREREQUISITES Diploma in Aeronautics and/or Bachelor Degree in Scientific subjects

In programmazione

is a partner of the Accademia del Lavoro for the training internships of the Airline Revenue Manager course


- IATA “Revenue Management” certificate (subject to passing the final exam);
- Private certificate of attendance issued by our Institute which enjoys the ISO 9001 quality certification;
Project Work Certificate

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Course objectives

The course aims to transfer the knowledge related to the revenue management of air transport which is one of the most productive economic sectors also because it is closely linked to the tourism sector.


Tasks and competences

Thanks to the advanced training course for Airline Revenue Manager you will be able to acquire a series of skills,
-Describe the basic principles of airline revenue management
- Identify the characteristics of airline demand and its components
-Develop pricing strategies
-Ability to optimize revenue on a given flight
-Apply performance measurement principles to achieve revenue goals

Generally speaking, build a successful revenue management organization for companies

Career opportunities

At the end of the course it is possible to aspire to a managerial role in the air transport sector or to reuse the skills thus acquired to bring development within one's own company and / or activity if connected to the aviation and / or tourism sector.

Course steps

The theoretical-practical lessons aimed at issuing the following certifications, are organized according to different training steps:


- Specific didactic material;

- 1 introductory 12-hour video lesson on the Airport System + 12 introductory video lessons on Revenue Management

- Gofluent English language course lasting 3 months, formula "all you can learn". If you already have at least a self-certified level B2 of English, you can choose another of the following languages: French, Spanish, German, Chinese (Mandarin), Portuguese (Brazilian), Dutch, Russian and Italian;


- 48 hours frontal lessons in full-immersion (8 hours a day)


Course Information


Diploma in Aeronautics and/or Bachelor Degree (preferably in scientific disciplines)

How to apply

To apply for the course, it is necessary to fill in the information request form on the website, with which the candidate requires to participate in the selection for the course.


For the participation in the course, there will be a selection test that includes:
- examination of the CV and motivation letter of the candidate;
- motivational and psycho-aptitude interview with a teaching consultant;
The selection board will communicate the outcome of the selection and admission to the course. Subsequently, the candidate can proceed to the completion and dispatch of the application form.


The course provides the possibility of obtaining the financing of the registration fee. In addition, at the end of the course, the Accademia del Lavoro will undertake to disseminate the curricula of students to companies operating in the sector.

Maximum number of participants

Maximum 20 Participants per Edition

Certificates issued

- IATA “Revenue Management” certificate (subject to passing the final exam);
- Private certificate of attendance issued by our Institute which enjoys the ISO 9001 quality certification;
Project Work Certificate

Location of the course

Training project

Deregulation in the aviation industry
Airline Reservation and Product Distribution
Airline Travel Demand
Demand Strategies and Forecasting Demand & Pricing
Booking Class and Seat Inventory Control
Spoilage Management
Group Management
Scheduling and Capacity Adjustments
Monitoring performances
Product Distribution
A Revenue Management Organization

Teachers of the course

  • Nicola di Lorenzo
    Nicola di Lorenzo

    Graduated in Engineering at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, with a strong passion for the aeronautical field, in 2013 he obtained an A-MBA (Aviation Master of Business Administration) at the LUISS Business School in Rome, addressing the industrial specialization in the field of air transport and airport management.

    Currently freelance, he has gained work experience within the Commercial and Marketing Aviation Management for one of the main Italian Airport Management Groups.

    As Aviation Marketing Manager, he was responsible for Marketing and Brand Development activities, managing the implementation of joint research and marketing plans with the carriers operating on the reference airports, with the aim of improving the perception and positioning of services. airports available on the aeronautical and ground fronts, developing their skills in both B2B and B2C key.

    Subsequently Head of the Commercial and Marketing Department of one of the airports managed by the Group, he contributed to increasing the number of operating airlines, and the number of destinations available at the airport, working closely with airlines and key partners in the tourism sector. in order to develop useful synergies to highlight the Airport proposition on the national and international market.

  • Luis Vizzino
    Luis Vizzino

    Lawyer expert in Sports Law and AC Professor at the University of Salerno at the Faculty of Law - Chair of Sports Law.
    He assists athletes, agents and clubs in judicial and extrajudicial proceedings.
    He is a member of the Sports Law Commission of the National Bar Council in Rome, as well as Coordinator of the Italian Sports Lawyers Association for the Basilicata region.
    Lecturer in the legal area - federal papers at the Course for Head of the FIGC Youth Sector - technical sector, he is the author of several scientific publications on legal-sporting matters as well as speaker at many conferences.
    He is legal trustee for Aiac Basilicata.
    Member of the legal office of the Basilicata FIGC, Member of the FiTri National Federal Court.

  • Marco D’onofrio
    Marco D'onofrio

    Sales Manager, with a significant and solid experience acquired in over 20 years of experience, in international environments with renowned tour operators (Club Med) and airlines such as Air One, Alitalia, in the Global Team of the JV Alitalia, DeltaAirlines and Airfrance KLM, has had the opportunity to develop his B2B / B2C knowledge in Sales Development and Key Account Management, Trade & Corporate Relations, Marketing Management.
    A goal-oriented and revenue-oriented professional with a thorough knowledge of the Travel and Aviation Business, accustomed to working in multicultural environments. He has developed the ability to better manage cross-functional teams and multitasking assignments in both the Leisure and Corporate sectors.
    Currently Sales and Marketing Manager of the Air Arabia airline, he studied at the Luiss Business School at the Executive Program in Marketing Management, Marketing and Sales, Marketing and Social Media, subsequently specializing in the following disciplines following certifications on:

    • Holding Your Team Accountable
    • Sales Management
    • Building and managing an High Performing Sales Team
    • Sales Fundamentals
    • Social Media Marketing: Managing on Line Communities
    • Social Media Marketing for Small Business
    • Advanced Training of Effective Negotiation Techniques
Authorization n. IT-EVO-01-20-001 and IT-EVO-01-20-002
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