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How to become an airport employee: useful tips

diventare addetto di scalo aeroportuale Accademia del Lavoro

For become an airport employee there are different notions and skills that must be possessed. First of all you need to know that this figure represents the first contact with the airline company and deals with everything related toassistance to travelers, from the ticket office to the check-in to the lost and found luggage activities.
Specifically, with regard to ticketing work, the airport employee is responsible for issuing tickets, checking flight availability, regularity of the journey and accepting passengers. For the chek-inOn the other hand, this professional figure deals, among other tasks, with the control of travel documents and the management of all boarding operations. Also in the arrivals sector, the attendant must show his skills in providing assistance and information to arriving passengers, in addition to the activities of lost and found luggage (or provide information on any delays in the delivery of suitcases).

The essential skills to become an airport employee

L'airport employee he must demonstrate that he has different skills to be able to carry out this profession in the best possible way. First of all he must know the functioning of national and international airports, the rules for the validity of the journey and the safety standards. It is essential to know, for example, the general rules on excess baggage and the validity of the travel document. Furthermore, in order to be able to assist the public, they must have good interpersonal skills and excellent language skills. In fact, it is essential in this profession to know at least two foreign languages: a good one English and Spanish language course it is really useful to be able to communicate with passengers from different parts of the world. Among the other qualities required, courtesy and professionalism are essential for the airport clerk. Finally, the good ability to use computerized ticketing and seat assignment systems and organizational skills complete the picture.

diventare addetto di scalo aeroportuale Accademia del Lavoro

How to become an airport employee

To work inside the airport and to be in charge of the passenger area, it is necessary to have at least a high school diploma with a linguistic or tourism orientation. The achievement of a degree is not binding for operating in this area. Following is essential to follow a course for airport operator that it trains the candidate both with the theoretical lessons in the classroom and with the teaching in the field. Only through these two steps is it possible to achieve complete and specific training, for example on safety at work, on assistance to special passengers and on the management of animals on board. The certificates received from the Institute where the course was followed allow to obtain the airport card. With this qualification it is possible to work in the Italian and foreign companies that manage the airports and aspire to the qualification of Euro passenger handling agent, useful to be European airport attendant.

The regulations to follow in this professional sector

To start this profession it is essential to know the national and international safety regulations regarding air transport and specifically:

  • the regulations ofInternational Air Transport Association (IATA), an international airline organization founded in 1945 that leads the entire airline industry;
  • the rules ofInternational Civil Aviation Oraganization (ICAO), organization that adopts regulations concerning air navigation and civil aviation.

Specifically, in order to work at the airport you need to know the general rules regarding for example:

  • handling of baggage and found objects
  • emergency management
  • airport taxes
  • passenger disembarkation and embarkation operations
  • airport security.

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