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Internship Opportunities


At the end of the course for CREW MANAGEMENT it will be possible to participate in the selections for the 3-month training internship that will take place at Air Horizont* (locations: Malta - Milan). Air Horizont - Zaragoza / Malta *.

*Please DO NOT contact the airline directly because the references disclosed are intended to provide other type of information. For more information about the partnership with Air Horizont please use the Job Academy Contacts section specifying the reason for your request. For those who are already registered, just contact the tutor.

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Professional Figure

The course in Crew Management aims to train future managers operating in the field of air transport specialized in the management of seafaring and ground personnel. Specifically, the course aims to provide knowledge for both Crew Management and CRM (Crew Resources Management), or with an overview that goes from the organizational management of resources in compliance with the industry contract, human resources management in the strict sense.

Career opportunities

The course in Crew Management opens the doors to the air transport sector, which includes airport management companies, handling companies and airlines. The transversal nature of the training for the human resources management part, makes the course in Crew Management usable in a universal way in any work context.

To whom the course is addressed

The course participation is open to those who are in possession of the Diploma.

Course duration

Phase of classroom:
Rome, from 21 to 24 September 2021

Course Information


The course participation is open to those who are in possession of the Diploma.

How to apply

To apply for the course, it is necessary to fill in the information request form on the website, with which the candidate requires to participate in the selection for the course.


The course provides for the indication of accommodation facilities located near the venue of the course and the possibility of obtaining the financing of the registration fee.
Accademia del Lavoro undertakes to disseminate the curricula of students to companies operating in the sector. Participation in the Course does not constitute in any way personnel selection activities.


For the participation in the course, there will be a selection test that includes:
- examination of the CV and motivation letter of the candidate;
- motivational and psycho-aptitude interview with a teaching consultant;
The selection board will communicate the outcome of the selection and admission to the course. Subsequently, the candidate can proceed to the completion and dispatch of the application form.

Application deadline

Registrations will close when the maximum number of participants is reached


- IATA "Air Transport Fundamentals" certificate (subject to passing the final exam)
- Certificate of attendance at the course in Crew Management issued by Accademia del Lavoro
Health and Safety: D.Lgs.81/2008 General and Specific Risk Training
Project Work Certificate

Location of the course

Training project

  • Preparatory Material:
  • 20 hours of Videolessons on the Airport System
  • 3-month English course Gofluent "all you can learn"(alternatively, if you have at least a self-certified B2 level you can opt for one of the following languages: French, Spanish, German, Chinese (Mandarin), Portuguese (Brazilian) and Italian)
  • 16 hours of live online lessons
  • 32 hours of lectures
  • + Project Work
  • + dissemination of professional profile in Italy and/or abroad

Educational program

Educational program
  • Aviation legislation
  • National and international legislation
  • CCNL applied and sector contracts
  • Health and Safety: D.Lgs.81/2008 General and Specific Risk Training
  • Crew Management and Shift Management
  • CRM (Crew Resources Management):
    - Communication
    - Decision-making
    - Situation Awareness
    - Monitoring
    - Crosschecking
    - Understanding one's limitation
    - Information Processing
    - Attention
    - Vigilance and Monitoring
    - Workload
    - Stress in Aviation
    - Sleep and fatigue
    - Personality and cultural differences
    - Automation human factors
    - Threat and error management
  • Leadership skills
  • Human Factor

Teachers of the course

  • Luis Vizzino
    Luis Vizzino

    Lawyer expert in Sports Law and AC Professor at the University of Salerno at the Faculty of Law - Chair of Sports Law.
    He assists athletes, agents and clubs in judicial and extrajudicial proceedings.
    He is a member of the Sports Law Commission of the National Bar Council in Rome, as well as Coordinator of the Italian Sports Lawyers Association for the Basilicata region.
    Lecturer in the legal area - federal papers at the Course for Head of the FIGC Youth Sector - technical sector, he is the author of several scientific publications on legal-sporting matters as well as speaker at many conferences.
    He is legal trustee for Aiac Basilicata.
    Member of the legal office of the Basilicata FIGC, Member of the FiTri National Federal Court.

  • Silvia Zarroli
    Silvia Zarroli

    Flight Attendant Capocina, Safety Line Checker and Base Supervisor for the Ryanair Airline with 12 years of experience in the Aviation sector deals with Human Resources Management. Analyzes performance, directs, organizes, improves and maintains the unity of the workforce, with discipline, dedication and passion for people, trying to meet the needs of employees in accordance with company procedures. He worked at the Bologna and Rome Ciampino airports and currently manages the staff present or to be employed at the Rome Fiumicino airport. Among the tasks it carries out Quality Control Audits, assesses any training needs and manages career development, sometimes also dealing with relations with the administration, consulting and assistance for relational aspects of individuals, including conflict resolution and organization and role management, mediates between employees and between them and the Company. In order to ensure the development of all resources, it also organizes coordination meetings, draws up weekly reports and business plans on B2C sales budgets. It plays a fundamental role in measuring the performance of workers and their satisfaction, an important premise for achieving company objectives.

Authorization n. IT-EVO-01-20-001 and IT-EVO-01-20-002
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