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preferibilmente tecnico nautico/aeronautico o indirizzo scientifico
Obtained in Italy or equivalent

Roma, dal 20 al 25 marzo 2023

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Who is the ship planner?

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Professional Figure

The Ship Planner or naval planner is the professional figure responsible for the embarkation and disembarkation of both cruise and merchant ships, Specifically, he is responsible for ensuring the optimal planning in compliance with the safety standards that need upstream of a series of evaluations, first of all that of the type and characteristics of the goods and / or people who will be boarded. This knowledge, in fact, allows the ship planner to guarantee a stable structure, to optimize the space available and to minimize loading times, also taking into account that it may be necessary to load goods with non-standard sizes. The activity of the ship planner is carried out with the support of computer programs to elaborate the boarding and disembarking plan.

This plan thus elaborated is delivered to the shift managers who physically coordinate the operating staff in the load processing phase. Considering that the plan could undergo variations, the ship planner and the operational staff remain in communication during all the loading phases to apply any changes.

Tasks and competences

The course has been designed to provide basic and complete training to all those who intend to undertake the profession of Ship Planner, a figure responsible for:

Carry out ship loading plans
Apply any changes to the load plan
Analyze the type, characteristics and quantities of goods and people to be loaded
Ensure compliance with ship safety standards
Optimize loading costs

Career opportunities

The ship planner works in favor of ports, shipping companies, cruise ship companies and specific logistic consultancy companies for the water transport sector.

To whom the course is addressed

Participation in the course is open to those who are in possession of the Diploma. Knowledge of English is preferable (level B1).

Course duration

Phase of classroom:
Roma,  dal 20 al 25 marzo 2023

Course Information


The course participation is open to those who are in possession of the Diploma.
It is preferable to be in posses of a B1 level in English.

How to apply

To apply for the course, it is necessary to fill in the information request form on the website, with which the candidate requires to participate in the selection for the course.


The course provides for the indication of accommodation facilities located near the venue of the course and the possibility of obtaining the financing of the registration fee.
Accademia del Lavoro undertakes to disseminate the curricula of students to companies operating in the sector. Participation in the Course does not constitute in any way personnel selection activities.


For the participation in the course, there will be a selection test that includes:
- examination of the CV and motivation letter of the candidate;
- motivational and psycho-aptitude interview with a teaching consultant;
The selection board will communicate the outcome of the selection and admission to the course. Subsequently, the candidate can proceed to the completion and dispatch of the application form.

Application deadline

Registrations will close when the maximum number of participants is reached


Private certificate signed by the Accademia del Lavoro which enjoys the ISO 9001 quality certificate;
Project Work certificate.

Location of the course

Training project

Preparatory Phase

15 ore di lezioni relative alla Logistica su piattaforma;

3-month English course Gofluent "all you can learn" (alternatively, if you have at least a self-certified B2 level you can opt for one of the following languages: French, Spanish, German, Chinese (Mandarin), Portuguese (Brazilian) and Italian)

Classroom phase

50 ore di lezioni frontali con esercitazioni pratiche

Fase di Project Work di 30 ore

Fase di Stage formativo della durata di 300 ore, opzionale, su tutto il territorio nazionale.

Disclosure phase of the professional profile and job orientation

In support of training, Accademia del Lavoro will provide specific texts and handouts.

Educational program

Educational program

Management and infrastructural characteristics of the port
Ship planning techniques
Maritime radio communication standard
Goods stowage techniques
Electronic equipment to assist with loading / unloading of goods
Operational processes of the port system
Types of goods and storage specifications
Knowledge of the software for processing the embarkation / disembarkation sequence
Types of containers
National and international legislation on port security
Communication devices with port terminal
Container loading / unloading procedures
Ship stability calculations in loading / unloading and navigation operations
Elements of work organization
Logistic Planning tools

Teachers of the course

  • Luis Vizzino
    Luis Vizzino

    Lawyer expert in Sports Law and AC Professor at the University of Salerno at the Faculty of Law - Chair of Sports Law.
    He assists athletes, agents and clubs in judicial and extrajudicial proceedings.
    He is a member of the Sports Law Commission of the National Bar Council in Rome, as well as Coordinator of the Italian Sports Lawyers Association for the Basilicata region.
    Lecturer in the legal area - federal papers at the Course for Head of the FIGC Youth Sector - technical sector, he is the author of several scientific publications on legal-sporting matters as well as speaker at many conferences.
    He is legal trustee for Aiac Basilicata.
    Member of the legal office of the Basilicata FIGC, Member of the FiTri National Federal Court.

  • Nicola Ranaldo
    Nicola Ranaldo

    With more than 20 years of experience in intermodal logistics, especially in container handling, Nicola Ranaldo is a profound connoisseur of the port transport system. His career began as a Junior Yard Planner within the Taranto Container Terminal, a subsidiary of the Evergreen Corporation that managed the Taranto container terminal until 2015.
    After being a Yard Planner for many years, he eventually held the position of Ship Planner. Within the same company he then carried out other tasks as trainer of the operational staff, developer of the TOS TOP-X software in the team created by the company for the pilot project in Taranto, in charge of safety in the workplace. In 2018 he moved to Rotterdam, where he continued his career in logistics at PicNic, a leading company in northern Europe in the distribution of food, diversifying his work training also in large-scale distribution. He returns to Evergreen in 2019, this time as Vessel Planner and Port Captain at the European headquarters of the shipping company. From 2020 he is still in Italy, at the Taranto Port Workers Agency, as a logistic employee. He is passionately dedicated to teaching and training in the logistics sector, exploiting his skills and knowledge of the subjects, deepening them and constantly updating himself.

  • Luca Mauro
    Luca Mauro

    Nautical engineer and Yacht designer, he works at CNR INSEAN (the Naval Tank of Rome) where he deals with mechanical and naval CAD / CAE design, reverse engineering and quality control of naval propellers for which he is responsible.
    Specialized in naval hydrodynamics and composite materials technologies applied to the yachting sector, he collaborates with sector magazines, having numerous publications to his credit.
    Active in the scientific dissemination of the activities of CNR INSEAN, both at school and advanced level.

  • Andrea Mancini

    Nautical engineer and specialized technician at Insean Cnr (the Naval Tank of Rome) since 1986 where he deals with the technical and operational management of hydrodynamic experiences on ship models, planing hulls, catamarans, IACC yachts, propellers, etc., as well as the analysis and processing of the related experimental data. On these specific topics, and on related issues, in addition to having numerous scientific publications to his credit, he also carries out an intense teaching and dissemination activity. He is also a freelance journalist and collaborates with various magazines in the naval and nautical sectors for which he writes informative and in-depth articles.

  • Alessandro Amadio

    He collaborates with companies in the sectors of Purchasing, Logistics, Spending Review. Author of operational management texts with an analytical approach and operational focus on Integrated Logistics, Supply Chain, implementation models for business improvement projects. He was a member of the Technical Scientific Committee "Tecniche Nuove SPA".

Authorization n. IT-EVO-01-20-001 and IT-EVO-01-20-002
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