Course for Aspiring Special Security Guard - COMPLETE Course

EU citizenship
No criminal record
ex art. 138 TULPS

Roma, dal 14 al 22 Aprile 2023

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Internship option in practical trust services operating throughout the national territory (minimum 50 hours).


  • Private certificate signed by Accademia del Lavoro (ISO 9001 quality certificate)
  • Certificate DM 269/10
  • Diploma of suitability for the use and handling of weapons
  • Metal detector use certificate
  • False document recognition certificate
  • Private certificate of Aviation Security Principles
  • Private certificate "Introduction to the use of equipment and image reading technique"
  • Legislative Decree 81/08: General training and specific risk (on online platform)
  • KUAI Self-Defense Techniques Certificate
  • First aid
  • Fire fighting
  • Certificate relating to the use of the MvsNET SICEP management system used in the operational centers

TSN Roma

You will be able to carry out an internship in trust services in one of the following structures

MVS Vigilanza
Global Service
IBS Italia

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Course of Security Guard

The security guard is a professional figure who refers to supervisory institutions and is authorised by the State to protect movable and immovable property of private or public entities, banks, companies and businesses, without, however, dealing with the protection of persons. Working as a security guard today represents a favorable job opportunity, since private security institutes always require new security guards, especially in conjunction with an increase in thefts and episodes of crime in our country.
The security guard is a public service professional charged with protecting assets and preventing crimes. It operates mainly inside and outside buildings, on board armoured vans and surveillance cars and works in Supervisory Institutes or in the direct dependency of the owners (entities or individuals) of the goods to be protected.
Each supervisory institute provides internal training aimed at recruitment, but being prepared in advance allows each candidate to present himself with a precise and complete professional knowledge. This will give an excellent advantage in the selection process compared to those who come to the Institutes without this specific training.
Accademia del Lavoro organizes a course for aspiring security guard, aimed at training, through a theoretical and practical educational path, professional figures in this sector.
The aim of the course is to provide participants with a complete and comprehensive preparation with the support not only of practical teaching tools, but also through technical and specific activities.

Tasks and competences

The prospective security guard has the following skills:

  • manage the security of the operational headquarters;
  • control and manage access to the headquarters;
  • fill in the reference forms;
  • carry out communications through the appropriate means (radio, telephone and satellite);
  • manage communications with surveillance stations and area patrols;
  • monitor remote alarms through MVS Net software;
  • manage alarm interventions;
  • keep the keys of the customers
  • organize and manage duty shifts.
  • check the identity of passengers
  • control of travelers departing or in transit
  • check hand and hold baggage, even with the use of special equipment
  • use the metal detector and X-ray equipment
  • check, in general, that there are no suspicious activities or monitor their evolution
  • control the entrance to buildings by intervening in the event of robberies
  • identify visitors, preventing the entry of unwanted subjects
  • observe the behavior of customers in shops and department stores, intervening in the event of theft
  • inspect buildings at night
  • prevent shoplifting activities
  • carry out video surveillance activities
  • carry cash and other valuables

Career opportunities

The security guard has many opportunities to work in the security sector, responding to the practical needs and staffing of institutional and private structures, in charge of the Custody and Supervision.

To whom the course is addressed

The course for aspiring special security guard is aimed at all those who are interested in playing this role in the various sectors that require this professional figure.

Course duration

Il corso prevede testi didattici a casa, una parte propedeutica su piattaforma e-learning della durata di 40 ore per lo studio del DM 269/10 , 64 ore di studio full-immersion a Roma con materiale didattico, lezioni teoriche ed esercitazioni pratiche in aula, stage nei servizi fiduciari opzionale di 50 ore su territorio nazionale.

Course Information


Be an Italian citizen or a citizen of the European Union;
Having reached the age of majority and fulfilled military service obligations;
Be in possession of the middle school certificate (diploma preferable);
Not having been convicted of a crime;
Be a person of good moral conduct;
Be in possession of an identity card.

How to apply

To apply for the course, it is necessary to fill in the information request form on the website, with which the candidate requires to participate in the selection for the course.


For the participation in the course, there will be a selection test that includes:
- examination of the CV and motivation letter of the candidate;
- motivational and psycho-aptitude interview with a teaching consultant;
The selection board will communicate the outcome of the selection and admission to the course. Subsequently, the candidate can proceed to the completion and dispatch of the application form.


The course provides the possibility of obtaining the financing of the registration fee. In addition, at the end of the course, the Accademia del Lavoro will undertake to disseminate the curricula of students to companies operating in the sector.

Maximum number of participants

Maximum 20 Participants per Edition

Certificates issued

The course for aspiring private security guard releases:
- Private certificate signed by the Accademia del Lavoro (ISO 9001 quality certificate);
- Certificate DM 269/10;
- Diploma of suitability for the use and handling of weapons;
- Metal detector use certificate;
- Certificate of false document recognition;
- Private certificate "Introduction to the use of equipment and image reading technique";
- Legislative Decree 81/08: General training and specific risk (on online platform);
- KUAI Self-Defense Techniques Certificate;
- First aid;
- Fire prevention;
- Certificate relating to the use of the MvsNET SICEP management system used in the operational centers.

Exercise at T.S.N. in Rome

Tiro a Segno Nazionale

Location of the course

Training project

  • Preparatory Material:
  • Basic and Technical English for Security on Teleskill Platform
  • 40-hour online FAD platform for the study of DM 269/10
  • 64 ore in aula in full- immersion a Roma
  • Internship phase in trust services (optional 50 hours on national territory)
    Disclosure phase of the professional profile and job orientation

Educational program


  • Foundations of Law
  • Law and order and public security
  • Knowledge of T.U.L.P.S.
  • Concepts of constitutional and criminal law
  • Legal and regulatory provisions governing supervisory activities
  • Functions and responsibilities of the various private security actors
  • Functions and Attributions of the Special Guard
  • Professional ethics
  • Criminal law and consequent liability of private security operators
  • Forms, modalities and terms of cooperation with police and local police
  • Contracts and Rights and Duties of Workers
WEAPONS (at the TSN - Firing Range)
  • Safety rules
  • Operation of short and long guns
  • Safe handling of the weapon
  • Ammunition
  • The basics of shooting
  • Weapon maintenance and luggage
  • Bring the weapon to your side
  • Focus exercises:
  • Blank exercises for learning the correct handling and management of the short and long gun
  • Blank exercises for grip control, aiming and shooting
  • Learning how to extract and reinsert the weapon from the holster
  • Fire tests at various distances based on the statistics of the firefights
  • Material made available by the TSN section
  • Beretta 98 FS pistol cal. 9 × 21
  • Shotgun 12 gauge N ° 3 TARGETS (2 for training / 1 for skill test
  • Blue gun holsters and simulacra
  • Acoustic and visual protections
  • MVS Net system
    Headquarters and communications security
    Remote alarms and intervention management
    Patrols and shifts


INTRODUCTION TO AVIATION SECURITY (Reg (CE) 300/2008, Reg (UE) 2015/1998 - DM 85/99
  • Terrorist acts and current risks
  • Emergency management at the airport
  • Access control
  • Study of the main terrorist attack techniques and the ways in which they can be promptly identified
  • Management of critical information and the need to avoid the onset of panic and unjustified alarmism
  • Illustration of methods for identifying and countering any terrorist threats in good time
  • Introduction to the use of X-ray equipment
  • Techniques for reading images on X-ray equipment and simulator exercises
KUAI SELF-DEFENSE TECHNIQUES (at the equipped gym)
  • Learning to fall by accident during a fight or assault
  • Learn to distinguish threat from aggression
  • Defense against blades, sticks or similar always distinguishing the threat from the aggression and the relative correct use of the same rma in case of disarmament
  • In-depth study of the joint levers that allow us a defense without the use of physical force to be able to face any type of aggressor


  • Alert the rescue system
  • Carry out first aid interventions
  • Acquire practical intervention skills
  • Practice

Teachers of the course

  • Andrea Bucci
    Andrea Bucci
    SIPRO Sicurezza Professionale Srl: from January 1994 to 2001 I gained experience in all supervisory services. From 2001 to 2014 I dealt with the Operational Service and Personnel with directing roles with particular reference to the selection and training of personnel. I organize and administer in first person, for the matters under my competence (operational part, regulatory part, anti-terrorism and weapons), pre-employment training courses and professional updating for the staff in force. In the last 10 years I have dealt with over 8,000 curricula, I have received over 5,000 candidates for interviews and I have trained over 2,000 applicants. Since 2014 I have held the position of Coordinator of the Operational Service with management duties of all operational staff (500+ GPG). Since December 2015 teacher of "operational module", "regulatory module", "operations center operator" and "anti-terrorism module" for Accademia del Lavoro ( in relation to the Course for Aspiring GPG From 2020 National Technical Director at Security .it Srl (Travis Group) for the operational management of the Central-Southern and Northern Areas.

  • Roberto Sordo
    Roberto Sordo

    He began studying Martial Arts, specializing in the Hung Gar style with in-depth seminars on combat. He begins his career as an instructor in the Si Fu Riolo school, with the passing of the relative exams and the achievement of the diploma. For years he has been the Technical Manager of the KUAI Italian Military Personal Defense course, adapted to civilian personnel

  • Luis Vizzino
    Luis Vizzino

    Lawyer expert in Sports Law and AC Professor at the University of Salerno at the Faculty of Law - Chair of Sports Law.
    He assists athletes, agents and clubs in judicial and extrajudicial proceedings.
    He is a member of the Sports Law Commission of the National Bar Council in Rome, as well as Coordinator of the Italian Sports Lawyers Association for the Basilicata region.
    Lecturer in the legal area - federal papers at the Course for Head of the FIGC Youth Sector - technical sector, he is the author of several scientific publications on legal-sporting matters as well as speaker at many conferences.
    He is legal trustee for Aiac Basilicata.
    Member of the legal office of the Basilicata FIGC, Member of the FiTri National Federal Court.

Authorization n. IT-EVO-01-20-001 and IT-EVO-01-20-002
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